3-Question Survey


March’s Survey Topic: Flowers and Plants

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As spring approaches, we find ourselves wondering about the choices people make in the department that changes the most with the change in season.

January’s Survey Results

Thank you so much for responding to the surveys! Please click here to see the full results of January’s survey, which focused on Demographics of our respondents.

The first question from January’s survey was, “What is your age?” No one under 25 responded. The responses from 25 to 44-year-olds totaled 15.5%, those from 45 to 64 totaled 43%, and those 65 and older totaled 41%.

The second question was, “How many people do you grocery shop for?” Perhaps given that two-thirds of all respondents were 55 and older, it is not surprising that over half of the households were just two people, and another fifth of the households were singles. Less than one-fifth of those responding had three or more household members.

The last question was, “How far do you travel to shop at the Co-op?” Well over half of the respondents travel less than 10 miles to shop at the Co-op. Fewer than one-fifth travel 20 miles or more.

Thank you for participating in the survey!