Nutrition and Education Committee’s Monthly 3-Question Survey

Shoppers in Bulk
Photo by John Carl D'Annibale. From the August 8, 2013 Times Union

Click here to go to our survey: Now a quick and easy multiple choice! In less than five minutes, YOU can shape the future of Honest Weight Food Co-op.

Here is a list of links to the websites in the survey:
Environmental Working Group (EWG)
The Cornucopia Institute
USDA Organic
Seafood Watch
Truth in Labeling
As You Sow
Leaping Bunny Program
Green Seal

In each issue of the Voice, the Nutrition and Education Committee asks for responses to a three-question survey. Topics range from products on our shelves, classes offered, displays and pamphlets, to the Food and Product Manual—and more. Your answers directly impact what our Co-op offers. To participate, just click here, answer the questions, and make your opinion heard.

In our first survey (August 2016), we received 49 responses. Thank you for participating! Our questions asked about products you buy at Honest Weight or elsewhere, and why you purchase some products at different places.

Many of you buy household goods (paper and cleaning products) either online or at grocery stores like Hannaford. You also buy meat at local delis or bigger grocery stores. Most people cited convenience and cost as the reasons for shopping elsewhere. When asked about what specifically brings you to the Co-op, the bulk department was the clear winner. We have the largest bulk department in the Northeast and you buy an extensive list of bulk products. The produce department was reported as the next reason for shopping at the Co-op, because of its local food selection. Cheese, meats, and supplements received kudos as well. You can access the full list of responses here.

PLEASE come back every month to see a summary of a previous survey and answer our next set of questions. All of your responses help the NEC influence what products the Co-op carries. We are your ongoing advocate for keeping the Co-op filled with products that are most important to you! Thank you for working with us to keep improving our Co-op!

Rebecca Angel Maxwell has been a proud member of the Honest Weight Food Co-op for thirteen years, recently joined the Nutrition and Education Committee, and is a member worker in the produce department making all those displays look pretty for you. She also has an alter-ego of TeaPunk sharing her obsession with tea.