An Upgrade for the Produce Department

The 'new' 8' Refrigerated Produce Case

Have you noticed anything new in our Produce Department?

Take a closer look the next time you walk through the front door of Honest Weight. Turn to your left. Notice anything different? That’s right. Just inside the entrance, past the shopping carts where there used to be cases of seeds, there is now a bright, new eight-foot long refrigerated produce case. It was delivered and installed on April 3rd.

Chief Cooperative Officer Rich Mausert and Produce Manager Brendan Kelly told me that they believe this new investment in an expanded capacity for refrigerated produce will make our Co-op more competitive. Specifically, they think it will enhance our Produce Department in the following ways. First, it will allow us to maintain the freshness of more of our produce for longer periods of time. Second, it should cut down on waste and thereby help the Co-op’s bottom line. Finally, it should increase our sales and allow us to expand the variety of our produce. In the future, we may be able to use the case for cut fruit and, at certain times of the year, such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, we may be able to use the case for selling cut flowers. Since these last options require licenses from the state, they may not take place immediately, but now they are at least an option for us.

With this purchase we have taken one more forward step in improving Honest Weight!

Bob Jacobs joined the Co-op Voice in September as an Editor. He has been a Shopper's Helper at Honest Weight for about two years. Bob has been a teacher, editor, landscaper, advocate at a homeless shelter, coffee and papaya farmer, beekeeper, and an appraiser for the state. He loves the people and energy of the Co-op and looks forward to his new role.