Call for Co-op Voice Editor Candidates

By Contributor(s): Brisbane courier (1864-1933) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The Co-op Voice is putting out this call to interest potential Voice editors. Please contact us at editors AT to learn more.

What do Co-op Voice Editors Do?

Voice editors facilitate the workflow of the Co-op Voice team, enabling the group to cooperate with efficiency and harmony to publish our newsletter for the Co-op community. On the Voice team, everyone’s voice is welcome, and everyone’s time, skills and enthusiasm are appreciated and honored. (The Co-op Voice team is a wonderful bunch of member-owners…if we say so ourselves!)

Among other duties, the Co-op Voice editors:

  • Make decisions as to Voice policy and content
  • Conduct two monthly Co-op Voice team meetings
  • Consult with Co-op Management about particular articles, as needed
  • Communicate with team members between meetings
  • Follow leads for stories and correspond with potential writers
  • Write a monthly Voice editorial

Ideally, editors will take turns being “Lead Editor” each month, which involves working closely with the other editors, copy-editors and web-folks to publish that month’s issue.

What Are the Qualifications to Become a Co-Op Voice Editor?

Candidates for Co-op Voice editor should have experience in writing, editing, publishing and communication. Patience, judgment, attention to detail, appreciation for teamwork, and a sense of humor are also important qualifications. A prospective editor must have a genuine regard for the interests and views of all in the Co-op community.

Please let us know if you’re interested in learning more!