Co-op Voice May 2016

Co-op Voice May 2016

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May 2016 Letter from the Editors

Welcome, Co-op Voice Readers, Our issue this month is largely devoted to a variety of takes on membership. We hear from several HW members who...
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Committee Corner May 2016

HWFC Membership Committee: We Have Energy! Cathy Holmes HWFC Nominating Committee: We're All About the Elections! Erin Walsh
Regina Dew

Video Clip: More Quail Street Tales & Community

Video Clips and Images Courtesy Jill Malouf RUSSELL ZIEMBA: Honest Weight started and it just…whenever…it pushed out when the need was there. And we always...
Rezin Adams

Video Clip: Early Buying Clubs

ALAN MCCLINTOCK: My wife and I were members of…there were four families that were all part of a buying club unit. And we actually...
Board Candidates at the April membership meeting

Reports from the April 17th, 2016 Annual Membership Meeting

April 17th Meeting Report: One Member's Perspective Ivette Alfonso A Day and Life as an Honest Weight Food Co-op Member Margot Jones-Henderson A Member Report on the April...
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Voice Mail – May 2016

Letters to the Editors of the Co-op Voice Environmental Working Group and GMOs The Distinction Between Shareholders and Owners Being a Working Member-Owner vs. Being an Employee

Classifieds – May 2016

We now offer free classified ads! Check out our ads, and send in your own. Wanted: Volunteer Help If I'm not in the coop shopping, attending...