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Coffee pot from a 1985 Coop Scoop.

May 2016 Letter from the Editors

Welcome, Co-op Voice Readers, Our issue this month is largely devoted to a variety of takes on membership. We hear from several HW members who...
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Committee Corner May 2016

HWFC Membership Committee: We Have Energy! Cathy Holmes HWFC Nominating Committee: We're All About the Elections! Erin Walsh
Regina Dew

Video Clip: More Quail Street Tales & Community

Video Clips and Images Courtesy Jill Malouf RUSSELL ZIEMBA: Honest Weight started and it just…whenever…it pushed out when the need was there. And we always...
Rezin Adams

Video Clip: Early Buying Clubs

ALAN MCCLINTOCK: My wife and I were members of…there were four families that were all part of a buying club unit. And we actually...
Board Candidates at the April membership meeting

Reports from the April 17th, 2016 Annual Membership Meeting

April 17th Meeting Report: One Member's Perspective Ivette Alfonso A Day and Life as an Honest Weight Food Co-op Member Margot Jones-Henderson A Member Report on the April...
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Voice Mail – May 2016

Letters to the Editors of the Co-op Voice Environmental Working Group and GMOs The Distinction Between Shareholders and Owners Being a Working Member-Owner vs. Being an Employee

Classifieds – May 2016

We now offer free classified ads! Check out our ads, and send in your own. Wanted: Volunteer Help If I'm not in the coop shopping, attending...
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Printable Membership Meeting Announcement

Click here to download a printable PDF of the meeting announcement above!
Coffee pot from a 1985 Coop Scoop.

Letter from the Editors April 2016

Welcome to the second issue of the Co-op Voice – the newsletter by and for members. We appreciate the feedback we've heard so far...
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Note on Compassionate Communication

As a past working member, I'm devoted to the Honest Weight Food Co-op and shop there on a weekly basis. I’ve also been following...
Ballot form

Questions and Answers from the 2016 Board Candidates

All officially declared, publically declared but not yet official, and not-yet-declared candidates for the April 17th HWFC Board of Directors election were invited to...
Tomato plants for sale out side of the former Quail Street location.

More 40th Anniversary Videos!

To commemorate our 40th anniversary, filmmaker/member Jill Malouf is collaborating with early member Marci David and others in creating a movie that looks back...
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Voice Mail – April 2016

Letters to the Editors of the Co-op Voice Bravo! Great Piece! Elmer Bertsch April 17th Membership Meeting Chris Colarusso Co-op Gift Cards Marion F. Heller Unions at the Co-op Grace Nichols Thoughts on...
Howard Brent

2016 Board Elections Q&A: Howard Brent

1. For leaders of organizations such as HWFC, what situations do you think require disclosure of important information to membership, and what situations do...
Voting at the Special Membership Meeting

Cooperation: Cultivating Our Unfair Advantage at Honest Weight

The ease with which cooperatives like Honest Weight forget what makes them unique in the competitive marketplace of grocery and natural foods saddens me...