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Mollie Lampi

Mollie became a Co-op Voice Editor in March 2018. She has worked in the Co-op Plants Department and as a courtesy clerk bagging groceries since 2016 when she retired from a 37-year career as a consumer rights and energy lawyer. She is a past-president of Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood and currently serves on the Board of the Friends of Voorheesville Public Library. She loves writing, gardening, running, reading and travel.

    Paula Weiss

    Photo of Paula WeissPaula, co-founder and Director of Children at the Well Youth Storytellers for Peace & Understanding, has been an HWFC member since the eighties, when she first arrived in Albany. She has studied, researched, published and taught in the field of reading education, been an academic editor, and currently co-edits the Co-op Voice.

      Meghan Breen

      A former teacher and social worker, Meg is currently homeschooling their five kids on a small homestead outside of Albany. She’s been a member of HWFC for almost 12 years and feels very committed to supporting member-owned cooperatives. For this reason she chooses to do almost all of the shopping for a family of 7 at the Co-op, even if she could occasionally save a buck elsewhere. She’s so very grateful for HWFC and its continual and evolving work to give every member a voice!

        Copy Editors

        Jessica Rae

        Jessica Rae, a Member-Owner since 2008, thinks preserving the decision-making authority of Member-Owners of Honest Weight Food Co-op, ensuring the Co-op’s survival, and fostering compassionate communication are beneficial. She is now matriculated in The College at Brockport’s English program and busy doing what she loves!

          Alana Sprague

          Alana started shopping at the Co op in 2011, when she found it necessary to follow a gluten free diet. She became a shareholder later that year. In 2014 she started working in grocery. Realizing that she wanted to be more involved with the Co-op, she just recently joined the NEC.

            Elaine Hills

            Photo of Elaine HillsElaine is the Co-op Voice Lead Copy Editor. She is an anthropologist and epidemiologist who has most recently adventured as a stay at-home mom.  She has been a member of Honest Weight since 2002.  She has previously worked in Outreach, as a Cashier, and as an Orientation Leader.

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                  Kaetlin Sprague

                    Grace Nichols

                      Voice Writers

                      Karla Guererri

                      KarlaKarla is an Educator who lives in Troy New York. She has been a member of the Honest Weight Food Co-op for several years.

                        Bob Jacobs

                        img_0856Bob has been a shopper’s helper at Honest Weight for about two years. He has also been a teacher, an editor, a landscaper, an advocate at a homeless shelter, a coffee and papaya farmer, a beekeeper, and an appraiser for the state, and has served as a Co-op Voice editor. Bob loves the people and energy of the Co-op.

                          Donna Aitoro Williams

                          img_2002Donna Aitoro Williams is a writer and teacher who has lived in the Capital District since 1989. A long-time member of the Co-op, she remembers the store on Quail Street, and the days when shoppers there “had much smaller notions of ‘personal space’.” With her daughter, Antonia, she supports causes for social justice, peace, and reconciliation, causes that they both share with Honest Weight’s. Being a member of the Co-op Voice team is a welcome change to her editing job in higher education during the day. She looks forward to serving the community she’s known for so long, to connect them to each other, and to the progressive world beyond.

                            Grace Nichols

                              Advertising and Subscribers

                              Richard Clandorf

                              Richard has a BFA in lighting and set design and has been an antique dealer for most of his adult life. He has owned antique stores in Manhattan and Upstate New York. For the last 35 years has produced antique shows up and down the East Coast.  He now lives in East Chatham and is actively involved in singing, cooking, and creating works of art. Richard, as an owner-member of Honest Weight, serves on both the Co-op Voice and the Honest Arts Committees. 


                                Jennifer Betsworth

                                jennifer-betsworthJennifer found the Co-op in her quest for a good bulk department soon after moving to Troy in 2013, and became a member not long after that. She enjoys working in and being continually inspired by the bulk department’s offerings. A lover of words, old buildings and beautiful natural places, she relies on the Co-op, her garden, and a little culinary creativity to fuel her adventures.

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