Editor’s Welcome

Coffee pot from a 1985 Coop Scoop.
Coffee pot from a 1985 Coop Scoop.

Dear Co-op Voice Readers,

It’s an honor to serve the Honest Weight Food Co-op community by publishing this member-run newsletter, and it is truly a pleasure to do so in the company of the dedicated, insightful, genial and forward-looking people who make up the Co-op Voice team. We believe it’s important for Honest Weight to have a newsletter that is truly member-run. If you do as well, please let us know now.

In this issue, Voice Editor Mollie Lampi asks our readers to step up and show support. In her description of the Memo the Voice had submitted to the Governance Review Council (GRC) last June, and the GRC’s decision (disappointing to us) regarding the Memo in July, Mollie enjoins those who want to see the Voice continue to please share that support in your conversations with fellow Co-op community members, and to please send notes of support to the Voice (comments [AT] coopvoice.com), and also to the Board (Board [AT] honestweight.coop).

It’s been a tumultuous year and a half for the HWFC Board, what with seven early resignations of Board members and a change in Board leadership, and some things may have “slipped through the cracks.” Recently, the Voice received an inquiry from a member concerning the Co-op’s liquor license, noting that on the State Liquor Authority website, the license still lists a number of people who are now ex-Board members. The writer, who had contacted the Board about this several months ago, asked if the Voice could find out the Board’s plan for updating the liquor license, so we referred the question to them. In reply, we received the following statement, for publication:

HWFC has been consulting with legal counsel regarding changes that may be necessary with respect to its NYS liquor license. Our legal counsel has advised us of the process that must be followed to amend our license, and we will continue to work with them until this process is complete. Specific questions or concerns can be addressed to the Board.
Board of Directors
Honest Weight Food Co-op

For further information about the issue, we called the SLA and were directed to the application for approval of corporate change, with instructions, available on its website. Filing this application appears to be a straightforward procedure and one the Board should be able to get to soon.

Also in this issue are several items having to do with the environment, thanks to Activists’ Diary author and Voice team member Grace Nichols. In this era of aggressive deregulation of environmental protections, and the discrediting and defunding of progressive energy programs and other science-based progress, it’s more important than ever to keep a focus on our natural world. Hope to see many of you at the Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Fair, October 20th.

Congratulations to long-time Co-op member Tina Lieberman and her colleagues for their roles in successfully getting a comprehensive Styrofoam ban passed in Albany County! Read about it here in Tina’s article!

And don’t miss Co-op vendor and member Louise Maher-Johnson’s letter to the editor, which contains a link to the comprehensive pamphlet she’s compiled about the “Rise of 20 Diseases in the USA Correlates with Rise of Glyphosate (Roundup) and GMOs in our Everyday Food.” Louise owns and operates Skyhill Egg Farm.

And, if you will, show your support for the Voice– it’s needed.

As ever, thanks for reading,


Paula is a Co-Editor of the Co-op Voice. She's been an HWFC member since the eighties, when she first arrived in Albany. She is the co-founder and Director of Children at the Well Youth Storytellers. She has studied, researched, published and taught in the field of reading education, and has served as editor on a variety of projects.