Editor’s Reflection September 2017

Coffee pot from a 1985 Coop Scoop.
Coffee pot from a 1985 Coop Scoop.

Dear Co-op Voice Readers,

Hi there; how was your summer? Back in July, editor Bob Jacobs surveyed Voice readers to find out what you’d like to read in our pages. We hadn’t heard about any responses until just last week, when we were delighted to learn that more than 30 people had written in. Five others had filled out the survey on paper, at a board meeting. Thanks to all who completed the survey! If you haven’t had a chance at it yet, you can click here. We want to hear from more of you.

Among the things we’ve learned so far is that many enjoy the profiles of Co-op staff members we’ve featured, and there’s keen interest in hearing what’s new at Honest Weight. There’s also lots of interest in seeing recipes and suggestions for using products sold in the Bulk section. We’ll work on it; after all, this is your Co-op Voice and we take your suggestions seriously.

We also want you to know about some other shifts in direction and format that we’re planning. Guided by our mission, we decided we need to see what we can do to promote the many really wonderful things about the Co-op and work to improve the things that may sometimes be less than wonderful. For an example of the latter, have you ever wished that some people would check their bad mood at the door? Richard Clandorf, a Voice team member, writes in a Voice Mail letter this month about the importance of smiling; a simple thing with big consequences.

As for format, the Voice is going to cut back on the number of articles featured each month, and concentrate more on getting to hear from you; we’ll try more surveys, we’ll keep asking for poems, we’ll solicit various types of “Voice Mail” such as letters to the Editor, letters addressed to the Co-op Community as a whole, and other types of communication. We’re going to step up our efforts to get your classified ads (always free for Co-op community members!), and we’ll include postings for Member-Owner positions in those classifieds.

Speaking of which, the Voice needs another copy-editor or two to work with our lead copy-editor, Elaine. Give us a shout if you’d like to earn Member-Owner hours this way.

We also want to print more anecdotes sent in by you to our column called Sightings at the Co-op; Random Acts of Kindness, such as Donna’s article from back in January. If you have an anecdote or thought to share, please don’t be shy! Email them to us!

As ever, we would LOVE to hear from you!

All the very best as we head into fall,


Paula and the rest of the Co-op Voice Team