Editors Reflection: Welcome to the July Issue

Coffee pot from a 1985 Coop Scoop.
Coffee pot from a 1985 Coop Scoop.

This month the Co-op Voice is publishing a vacation issue – a shortened newsletter focusing on current Co-op events. We share an article recounting the June Membership Meeting where we witnessed real Co-op community spirit as members rallied behind Martha Moscowitz and her presentation on wage compression. We also share another in our series of articles on resolving wage compression (see previous articles: May Editors Reflection and Update on the Wage Compression Issue)

This time our commentary on the wage compression issue  proposes a task force to do some in-depth analysis for the Board to use in looking for permanent solutions.

We bring you the last in the very informative NEC surveys and follow-up reports. Readers enjoyed these interactive articles and the insight they brought into shoppers’ habits and decision-making.

We inaugurate a poetry corner with a poem by long-time Co-op member Dan Wilcox and invite our readers to share their short poems or creative vignettes with the Co-op Voice community.

We note the resignation of Board member David Vigoda. Although we do not know what prompted his decision, we appreciated his thoughts on what would make a great Co-op newsletter.

We also have two items in Voice Mail this month. You can write to us or drop us a comment through the Comment Line to express your views on what we’ve shared, or to let us know if there’s something you feel we should have — or should not have — shared. We’d like to know your thoughts about our publication.

And don’t forget to read our classifieds – they are free for Member-Owners to post their questions or announcements.

Next month, as has been our practice, the Co-op Voice will be taking its own vacation. See you in September!

Mollie Lampi

Mollie Lampi became a Co-op Voice Editor in March 2018. She has worked in the Co-op Plants Department and as a courtesy clerk bagging groceries since 2016 when she retired from a 37-year career as a consumer rights and energy lawyer. She is a past-president of Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood and currently serves on the Board of the Friends of Voorheesville Public Library. She loves writing, gardening, running, reading and travel.