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Food for Thought is the monthly film series jointly co-sponsored by the HWFC and WAMC public radio at The Linda, WAMC’s peforming arts studio at 339 Central Avenue, Albany.

The documentary shown in December was Tree Man. The film, directed by Brad Rothchild and John Reiner, explores the journey of Francois, a native of Quebec, who each year leaves his wife and three young children to travel to New York City to sell Christmas trees at 106th Street, on the Upper West Side.

He spends six weeks living in his van on the street and has a devoted group of employees who work with him each year, selling and delivering trees, wreaths and greens to houses, apartments and businesses.

After 20 years, Francois has a huge following of customers who look forward to buying from him. Without Francois, Christmas would not be the same.

This coming month, Food for Thought will air The Age of Consequences, a film that goes beyond the war in Syria, the Arab Spring and ISIS, laying bare how climate-change stressors interact with societal stresses, sparking conflict.

Join members of the community for this thought-provoking series. Refreshments are available, too, before the show; provided by the Co-op, of course!

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Bob Ross has been a member of Honest Weight since 1979. He serves on the Nutrition and Education Committee, the Finance Committee and works with Outreach on the Food for Thought documentary series.