Honest Arts Exhibition


The newly formed Honest Arts Committee opened its first official show on Earth Day, Saturday, April 22, in the hallway by the Teaching Kitchen at Honest Weight. The Committee plans to continue this exhibit for the next several months. There are 10 artists featured in the first show—all members of the Committee. Among the works of these artists there is not only a variety of subject matter, but also quite a mix of mediums. We have several photographers; a ceramic artist; an illustrator; a mosaic artist working with stained glass, metals, and mixed media; and several painters using both oil and acrylic. Then there is the painter who submitted some framed giclees (digital prints made on inkjet printers) of her paintings. Below each image is a brief portrait of the artist who created it:

Kaaren Caroncaron

1. Kaaren Caron has been an art educator for 25 years at Bethlehem High School. Her “primary mediums are painting and printmaking, with the subject matter being traditional figurative.” Her “Mother Vail” is a must-see, intriguing capture.

David DiPasquale


2. David DiPasquale uses colorful acrylic on canvas to create paintings of animals, the Earth, and the universe. David has been creating art throughout his life. His work continues to evolve.

John Daubney


3. John Daubney is the Environmental Services Manager at Honest Weight. John submitted large, framed, interactive photographs of people and city settings. John was born in Cohoes and believes that “cities are one of man’s natural habitats. They blend multiple peoples, their varying cultures, art, creativity, history, and architecture.”

Chris Eckardt


4. Chris Eckardt has been a member of Honest Weight since 1987. She is a member-owner who loves eating healthy vegetarian meals. She “has been an artist forever, focusing on drawing and painting but (has) just recently become interested in photography.” Chris brings nature indoors with her photographs of gates, benches, and streams.

Laura Shore


5. Laura Shore is recently relocated from the West Coast and has submitted wonderful paintings of fruits and fresh vegetables, reflecting her work with the Farm Share Studio, which she operates to raise the profile of local food, farms, and land. Her goal is to inspire home cooking with local food, to help build a sustainable food system and resilient community.

Heather Kostell


6. Heather Kostell submitted whimsical pen and ink illustrations as well as a tiny 6 x 6 inch acrylic painting called “Mini Dot”. She lives with her husband and two young children in Albany and “specializes in pen and ink drawings, acrylic paintings, and hand-screened t-shirts.”

Susan Nowogrodzki

7. Susan Nowogrodzki is a ceramic artist who feels connected to the Earth when she works with clay. She produces tiles as well as functional forms and sculpture. She has submitted five beautifully framed mounted tile works for our exhibit.

Susan Ruscitto

8. Susan Ruscitto, who executes masterfully formed mixed media mosaics, has submitted four framed works. These colorful reflective works incorporate the media of glass, metal, and mirror. “Using the medium of creating something whole and beautiful from fragments—and rarely following a pattern”, she “loves teaching others and creating collaborative work.”

Cornelia Schmitter


9. Cornelia Schmitter, a long-standing member of the Co-op, is a painter who has submitted framed giclees of her work. She uses “layers of papers, wax pastels, oil and gouache paints, and other materials to create compositions featuring individuals or small groups in settings suggestive of metaphysical themes.”

Richard Clandorf


10. Richard Clandorf has been an active member of the Co-op for the past several years. As the official jester of the group, he submitted one piece entitled “Outside the Box”, an acrylic on canvas. Richard wants everyone to know the inspiration for his piece. At the Co-op, both management and employees want to know “who’s watching who?” I say, “It’s Big Brother! Let’s keep them all guessing.”

If you have not had the opportunity to see this excellent exhibit, I encourage you to walk down the hall past the restrooms towards the Teaching Kitchen to realize how much talent we have floating around our incredible Co-op!

The Committee will be looking for many more artists to exhibit in upcoming shows. Please let us know if you are interested in displaying your work. Send any inquiries to: HonestArtsCommittee AT honestweight.coop.

Richard Clandorf, who has a BFA in lighting and set design, has been an antiques dealer for most of his adult life. Richard has owned antique stores in Manhattan and Upstate New York, and for the last 35 years has produced antique shows up and down the East Coast. He now lives in East Chatham, New York, and is actively involved in singing, cooking, and creating works of art. Richard, as a member-owner of Honest Weight, is active with The Co-op Voice and the Honest Arts Committee.