HWFC Membership Committee: We Have Energy!


The Honest Weight Membership Committee, a standing committee of the Board, is moving and shaking! Our committee, comprised of a great mix of members, both long term and newer, has recently taken on some roles and duties that have re-invigorated our purpose and mission.

The Membership Committee has always been one where members promote member participation, preserve the rights and roles of member-owners and search for solutions to member-owner issues and concerns. Some of our more recent activities include organizing and sponsoring several member socials, giving members an informal opportunity to get to know each other. We also created the member communication board that is on the wall near the community room in response to member requests.

Recently the Membership Committee has taken on some of the responsibilities for running the Membership Meetings. We hope that you have been to some of the important Membership Meetings recently and if you have you no doubt noticed that a lot of members were in attendance. This is great for our Honest Weight and great for our committee. There is a lot of planning and behind the scenes work that goes into the organization of the meetings and we partner closely with the Member Services Coordinator and the Board of Directors to make many things happen.

Did you know that there is a group of people, the self-proclaimed “Mailing Mavens”, who organize the mailing of the meeting notice and materials? Many members have formally opted to receive meeting notifications by email but many need to receive paper copies by mail and the Mailing Mavens are there for you.

Membership Committee members can also be seen transporting supplies to the meeting site, setting up tables and chairs before the meeting, checking you in and handing you your ballot, organizing the dessert pot luck that includes all the shopping in advance of the meeting, assisting with Q&A at the meeting, and last but not least cleaning up after the meeting.

So you can see we are a really busy committee! We are also working on a Membership Meeting Manual.

Ideas and suggestions are always welcome. Just email us at: membershipcomm AT honestweight.coop

Cathy Holmes has been a proud HWFC member since 2004