HWFC Nominating Committee: We’re All About the Elections!


The Nominating Committee is responsible for facilitating the election process for the annual Board elections in April, and more recently the Committee has assisted the Governance Review Council (GRC) with their annual elections in the fall. The Committee produces informational materials for prospective candidates to ensure they are well informed as to expectations and realities of being a Board member. The committee is also available to answer any questions pertaining to duties, or to act as liaison between candidates and the Board. The Committee believes strongly in making sure that potential candidates know as much about the role of a Board member as possible and aims to provide accurate information.

Once well-informed candidates have submitted the appropriate application materials, the Committee ensures all candidates are well known to the Membership. This is done through the distribution of application materials though a variety of mediums, as well as the hosting of Meet the Candidate Events, which are forums open to any Member to meet and ask questions of candidates well ahead of an election.

The Nominating Committee also assists in logistics for the annual meeting at which candidates are elected, and is available during the meeting to explain existing rules around the election process. Currently, the committee is looking to formalize and codify the nominating process, and is in the beginning of creating a Policies and Procedures Manual.

As the Co-op has grown over the years the Nominating Committee is also looking to grow, and at the moment is looking to expand its membership. Any Co-op members interested in finding out more about the Nominating Committee can email questions to nominatingcomm AT honestweight.coop, or feel free to join us at our monthly meeting, the third Tuesday of the month at 5pm in the HWFC conference room. The next meeting will be June 21st.

Erin has been a member of HWFC since moving to Albany in the fall of 2009. She worked as a member worker in bulk before transitioning to staff. She has served on several committees, as well as serving as Board secretary. She has a Master’s in sustainable food systems and currently works as the Healthy Communities Coordinator at Capital Roots.