January 17th, 2017 Board Meeting- Unofficial Notes

Historic Image: Board Meeting

These informal notes were carefully taken by member-owner Jessica Rae at the January 17th meeting of the Honest Weight Food Co-op Board. We offer them to you here to give you a taste of what these meetings are like, and to give you a glimpse at some of the issues being discussed. They may even entice you to attend a Board meeting in the future!
These notes are not meant to replace the official Board minutes, which are posted on the Co-op website once they’ve been finalized.


Attendants: Rick D, Tyler (Board Admin), Andrea (Secretary), Rick M (CCO), Rebekah (Board Secretary), Carolynn (Board President), Saul, Ned, Kate absent (icy roads), Daniel, Nate absent, Tim absent

Start time: a little after 6


1. Agenda Review

a. Rick M requests minor change to vote?

b. Carolynn requests to end at 7 (weather, icy)

c. Move 9b, 9e to 1st & 2nd after agenda review (approved)

d. Carolynn talks to Daniel about HWCI

e. Membership Meeting

2. Membership Committee

a. Member-Owner Manual

a.i. Saul wants to vote on a policy after we start selling shares.

a.i.1. Carolynn agrees.

a.i.2. Rebekah- There was a huge push to sell lots of shares, and to stop requiring orientation. It has to be a Member-Owner decision. She wants to prioritize only selling shares to people who are interested in attending an orientation and becoming Member-Owners. (Discussion of whether to include orientation before the purchase of a share in the manual.)

a.i.3. Saul wants to include it, but others on the Membership Comm. didn’t want to risk the Member-Owners voting the manual changes down.

a.i.4. Discussion of whether it could be policy temporarily until voted upon.

a.i.5. Rick D cautions against it.

a.i.6. Rebekah – Notice has up an up or down vote with no modifications. It’s too late to change the Notice.

a.i.7. Saul- Talks about the history of this. He wants to take the risk.

a.i.8. Carolynn agrees. (Discussion of the 2008 policy of orientation before purchasing a share. The order is important.)

a.i.9. Rebekah- People went to orientation, then paid for a share.

a.i.10. Janet- Morgaen has been collecting names of people who need to buy shares, but hasn’t been telling people they need an orientation first.

a.i.11. Ned is passionate about the problem he thinks this could cause for the front end.

a.i.12. Chris- Orientation has always been important. We now know the change to end orientations was for the purpose of raising funds. She can’t imagine anyone objecting in order to be a member of the Co-op.

a.i.13. Rebekah- There’s no reason those interested can’t talk to Janet rather than the front desk. Rebekah would do it. Other Member-Owners would do it. She suggests always having someone to back up the front desk.

a.i.14. Rick M- It’ll be a challenge, but we’ll find solutions.

a.i.15. Ned- Basic rule of customer service — It takes 10 satisfied customers to offset one pissed-off customer. He thinks people were offered something and now we changed the rules. He strongly disagrees that the change was bulldozed through. Very cogent arguments were made that people wouldn’t be able to attend an orientation. The argument made was… (I couldn’t catch all that dialogue.) He said lots of people said they would join, but they didn’t want to go to a meeting. Other co-ops are smaller… (I couldn’t catch all that dialogue.) He hopes we make a fully informed decision. True believer… (I couldn’t catch all that dialogue.)

a.i.16. Carolynn asks him to finish.

a.i.17. Ned- Argues.

a.i.18. Rick D- His family attended orientation. If he was to come to buy a share today, he would’ve wanted the information up front. He thinks we should encourage everyone to attend the orientation. He doesn’t think it’s right to not tell them what’s in store.

a.i.19. Carolynn- She says no one has forced anyone to do anything. We didn’t promise anyone anything. No one is entitled to buy a share.

a.i.20. Saul- 2008 p 6, First attend an orientation. Buy a share. Receive prospectus. Personal orientations can be scheduled. Payment options offered. Suggests doing the same, but removing the prospectus.

a.i.21. Rebekah notes pages of changes.

a.i.22. Janet- If you do this, you have to decide in which order (orientation, buy share). People receive lots of information about how the co-op works.

a.i.23. Brendan- It will take (away?) some people on the fence to go to orientation. He agrees with Ned that a lot of people will buy a share that don’t want to go to orientation. He says that will bring us more customers. They will feel like they’re part of the Co-op. He is for no orientation.

a.i.24. Carolynn- We didn’t get repeat shoppers after the Shareholder Days promotions. We didn’t incur loyalty. If we require orientation, we will get fence sitters. This (orientation) is in line with the reasons for her being elected — to promote Member-Owners. Every Shareholder is offered the opportunity to work in the store. We don’t have that to offer. Shares sold to those not interested…

a.i.25. Rebekah wants to second Saul’s motion. “All shareholders must be aware that…to join the Co-op…must attend an orientation session. Put into the posted proposed manual. It could (reject) the manual (proposal) if a lot of people objected with this.

a.i.26. Judith is worried that the (extensive) work on the Manual go to waste if it wouldn’t be passed this time.

a.i.27. The Manual can be changed. The Notice cannot. (discussion among Board)

a.i.28. Rebekah- We can vote again on the Manual.

a.i.29. Daniel asks for straw poll.

a.i.30. Tim M- Wants continuing re-orientations. (In a future revision)

a.i.31. Saul- Time investment is declining each month.

a.i.32. The motion: Saul moves — To join the Co-op, you are expected to first attend an orientation meeting, learn about the history, …perhaps tour the store…p.8

a.i.33. Daniel finds a problem in first paragraph of “Orientation.”

a.i.34. Brendan wants to hear the proposal again. To purchase a share…

a.i.35. Saul revises the motion. You may purchase a share after completing orientation.

a.i.36. Ned is complaining about the motion changing a lot.

a.i.37. Saul says Ned wants to edit documents at Membership Meetings, but he doesn’t want to do it here.

a.i.38. Carolynn- Saul made a motion.

a.i.39. Rebekah- …

a.i.40. Ned wants it written out.

a.i.41. Saul reads again.

a.i.42. Andrea fills in missing…

a.i.43. Daniel- It has to do with share purchasing.

a.i.44. Andrea- To purchase a share…

a.i.45. Saul- You may purchase a share after completing orientation.

a.i.46. Rita- Take the changes. Type them. Print it out. Table.

a.i.47. Janet has the document. The entire Manual has been written from a certain perspective. Could you vote on the intention rather than the language?

a.i.48. Rebekah- Edits (not content) could be changed.

a.i.49. Daniel wants to know what it means for shareholders who haven’t taken orientation.

a.i.50. Carolynn- They would grandfathered in, but have to do an orientation for a time investment.

a.i.51. Ned thinks an up or down vote isn’t acceptable. He sees all the time that people become working members long after joining. Selling shares is an entry level thing…

a.i.52. Laura has comment on appeals process.

a.i.53. Tim-…

a.i.54. Rebekah- Ten years ago people got orientations. They remembered they could work later in life. (So people becoming working members long after joining is influenced by the fact that they did attend an orientation where they learned about time investment.)

a.i.55. Ned says she’s speculating.

a.i.56. Rebekah- We had a letter from Alan asking to stop selling shares altogether. The only thing changing his mind was bringing orientation back. (The reason being that we couldn’t possibly offer time investments to 12,000 shareholders at this time.)

a.i.57. Carolynn- Alan questioned sustainability. It’s like a pyramid scheme. Are we BJs or a Co-op?

a.i.58. Tim- History 78-80… There were problems with capital to purchase the 1st building. A lot of money came from non-members. That was the orientation… That created this whole event. (Unsure of my recall here.) Alan is right. We should at least have orientations.

a.i.59. Carolynn wants to type it out

a.i.60. Daniel thinks it’s a bait and switch.

a.i.61. Rebekah requests to call a vote. Rick D says there’s still problem with those on the waiting list not knowing what is involved.

a.i.62. Carolynn is emphatic that we never promised anything to those interested in purchasing a share.

a.i.63. At some point, I speak up to support orientation. (This was a very long discussion.) My biggest point was that everyone was concerned about people being misinformed about purchasing shares, when no purchase was made, or even offered. I think it is important to give the interested party all the information before they put down their money – similar to any other purchase anywhere. I feel orientation will bring in more shopper loyalty for the long haul and promote our Co-op and cooperatives in general. (I was one of the last to get an orientation – from Alan, who represents the Co-op beautifully. It was very informative. I have a greater respect and dedication for the Co-op as a result.)

a.i.64. Rebekah asks Ned which way he would vote. Daniel has said he’s against it.

a.i.65. Rick D would vote for it because we need orientation.

a.i.66. Rebekah says that if we don’t put it in the Manual, we can’t sell shares until the April vote.

a.i.67. (A lot of back and forth.)

a.i.68. Rita asks how many people are on this waiting list.

a.i.69. 500

a.i.70. Andrea asks if Daniel is voting down. He is.

a.i.71. There would still be a majority.

a.i.72. Richard Clandorf asks how long we’ve not been selling shares. (March) We should want to.

a.i.73. Straw poll results: 14-4:for-against

a.i.74. Janet is typing it up now.

a.ii. Appeal process (Laura) says CCC sent recommendations for it. She asks that it state the date, nature of violation, and exact nature of the sanctions (standard appeals process) and that the owner has a right to appeal. Lists the process in clear language. P 20

a.ii.1. Rebekah says it’s all there.

a.ii.2. Laura says it’s not clear.

a.ii.3. Carolynn- The Membership Comm. has seen these comments from the CCC.

a.ii.4. Janet explains why “management” is listed on p 21.

a.ii.5. Laura- wants “management” included in the 2nd to last paragraph. Janet explains why it can’t be done.

a.ii.6. Janet says the Comm. used “management” when it was needed, and omitted when it wasn’t.

a.ii.7. Ned hasn’t read the manuals in depth. He thinks many other haven’t either. (After Janet tells us about all of the opportunities that were offered to discuss the Manuals.)

a.ii.8. Janet gives an example. An appeal has to go to management for major infractions. (I assume because they have to know when a Member-Owner is banned.)

a.ii.9. Ned says theft isn’t internal.

a.ii.10. Janet says the manual is intentionally over-explained so people are clear. The current manual doesn’t explain enough. There’s a lot of uncertainty.

a.ii.11. Ned worries that “management” is confusing.

a.ii.12. Laura (p 21) wants “uphold, modify, or lift sanctions.”

a.ii.13. Andrea says it’s unclear. There is a dangling clause.

a.ii.14. Janet doesn’t think that change is necessary.

a.ii.15. Carolynn is fine with it as is.

a.ii.16. Rebekah is fine with it as is. She tells the infamous fish-milk story again.

a.ii.17. Ned- Missing – The determination could be modified.

a.ii.18. Laura agrees.

a.ii.19. Carolynn is worn down. She is ok with adding the language. Everyone is ok with the change.

a.ii.20. Tim M gives a scenario when there are several minor infractions, but the person is disabled…Sometimes the
process needs oversight…fairness and equality… We need protect ourselves from liability.

a.ii.21. Carolynn- Point taken.

a.iii. Ned has questions. He doesn’t have new version of the Manual. (1.5.1)

a.iii.1. Carolynn says that section changed completely 3.0 p 14

a.iii.2. Ned is satisfied with the changes. He is still confused by “committees can act independently to make requests.” (He thinks it’s not a good idea.)

a.iii.3. Carolynn wants to take it out

a.iii.4. Rhoda says the Personnel Comm. isn’t all voluntary.

a.iii.5. Carolynn adds that it is subject to the bylaws.

a.iv. Another question from Ned (

a.iv.1. Carolynn says they’ve taken out paragraph 2, p 15.

a.iv.2. Ned wants to see the Board set a loose deadline for itself. There’s no commitment for the Board to react in a timely fashion. He wants to know why a nutrition section is in the Member-Owner Manual.

a.iv.3. Judith says that it’s part of orientation.

a.iv.4. Ned is still objecting to it.

a.iv.5. Carolynn is explaining the reason for it to Ned.

a.iv.6. Ned still doesn’t understand.

a.iv.7. Carolynn says it’s about Member-Owner rights and benefits.

a.v. Ned asks about share purchase.

a.v.1. Carolynn notes p 7, section 2 (share purchase).

a.v.2. Ned says policy is the member and Board purview.

a.v.3. Carolynn & Saul- affect the daily operation (I missed something here.)

a.vi. Ned is still talking. Propose and add policies… (I couldn’t catch all that dialogue.) Doesn’t think members have for daily operations… (I couldn’t catch all that dialogue.)

a.vi.1. Judith- We have a right to vote…If signage troubles me, I’d bring it up with the Board.

a.vi.2. Ned says that Member-Owners wanting items off the floor is beyond their purview.

a.vi.3. Tim M understands it’s difficult for management. Member-Owners don’t conflict management, they aid management. Both make cooperative changes.

a.vi.4. Greg (as a Staff member) 10.1 of the food &product manual: He says these policies overstep bounds. Endcaps… (operational control)

a.vi.5. Rebekah- Member-Owners are responsible for policy. She gives an example of a risky financial decision.

a.vi.6. Greg says we can’t tell managers where to put things.

a.vi.7. Rebekah says we can. High level of health. (I missed something here, but I’m guessing it pertains to the Memberships responsibility to support our mission.)

a.vi.8. Greg says it’s ok to be unethical if we are sneaky. (He is being sarcastic.)

a.vi.9. Rebekah says we educate. She didn’t vote for tier 4 meat. She would like it gone. There are other battles to fight. If managers can get by without tier 4, we can get it out. It’s not ok to put GMOs on end caps. David Aubé is upset that he can’t put NCG products on end caps. She admits that truth for her is that she will be very disappointed if the F&P goes down because staff doesn’t like it. We’ll try again. The GMO thing matters a lot. I’m not going to take it well if the Board removes it tonight. The Membership has the right to set policy.

a.vii. Ned is accepting whatever language he thinks is muddy. D.2 p 9-10. Discount… (I couldn’t catch all that dialogue.) voter eligibility (I couldn’t catch all that dialogue.)

a.vii.1. Rebekah says it (voting eligibility) was a problem when Saul wanted to run last November.

a.vii.2. Carolynn asks what’s the practical effect?

a.vii.3. Rebekah says a Member-Owner Can get the discount right away, but they can’t vote right away. The time investment has to be in place by the end of the previous month. There convenient way to do an up to the minute check for eligibility (Ned’s request).

a.vii.4. Ned wants to change it to 3-4 days.

a.vii.5. Rebekah notes the bylaws doesn’t say…

a.vii.6. Janet says the Manual will refer to the bylaws in that section.

a.vii.7. The Board is reading the long contested (orientation) Manual change now.

a.vii.8. Back to eligibility that Ned brought up. He is looking for bylaw 240.2., p 8 of bylaws.

a.vii.9. Ned says it contradicts.

a.vii.10. Janet says they can apply hours to a discount. It looks like the Member-Owner is defined by hours rather than voting??

a.vii.11. Tim M is trying to explain. A lot of Member- Owners would like unscheduled, non-sequenced hours. They should allocate them as they are??

a.vii.12. Ned wants to allow for voting and running for office.

a.vii.13. Carolynn this is not a road block. We keep confusing Membership and voting rights with the discount. The time… Membership share… Membership…discount is malleable by Membership

a.vii.14. Ned says you change the bylaws. Obviously the Membership voted…Rationale?

a.vii.15. Janet- In practical terms…Dave Filkins prints eligible voters. Some committees report hours late, and that affects eligibility unfairly. It affects the Notice. Have to send it at least 10 days prior, so we have to stop (assessing eligibility) there. IT department is small. It’s tough to repeatedly ask for an updated list. It’s not practical.

a.vii.16. Ned notes states with same day registration for voters.

a.vii.17. Janet has no preference. When it comes to a Notice, that’s the point of no return. (The eligibility assessments can’t continue.)

a.vii.18. Carolynn (the subject has??) nothing to do with the Member-Owner manual. The discount is available in the current month. The eligibility to vote is in the bylaws. Do you want to deny people a discount?

a.vii.19. (8pm on a night with dangerous freezing rain) Ned wants to change voting rights.

a.viii. Laura- coordinating p6 D. clearly label GMO products…

a.viii.1. (Very confused. We are still talking about voter eligibility??) Rebekah suggests to “refer to the Manual”
rather than the specific language (in case one manual doesn’t pass this time).

a.viii.2. Tim M agrees that these are separate issues. Voting is a goal. We don’t want a question as to who is eligible. Voting is firm. The discount is adjustable.

a.viii.3. Alana- “Produce” or “products?” (Whole sentence taken out.)

a.ix. Ned Time investment

a.ix.1. Carolynn- p 11, paragraph 1

a.ix.2. Ned- Discipline? Panel of Member-Owners?

a.ix.3. Janet- Management could say if a Member-Owner isn’t right for a position.

a.ix.4. Saul- Janet would be the interface.

a.ix.5. Ned has questions about being provided time-investment, parking… He wants the word “lot” included.

a.ix.6. Andrea is concerned about parking off lot after 8 pm (safety).

a.ix.7. Carolynn says “concerns” is in the language.

a.x. Janet- p13, Section 4, Households

a.x.1. Ned doesn’t like the children under 14 section. May not accompany…(I couldn’t catch all that dialogue.)

a.x.2. Janet- Worker’s comp concern. Covers employees and Shareholders & 14-18 year olds accompanying Member-Owner.

a.x.3. Carolynn suggests under 14 “may not work alongside.”

a.x.4. Daniel recommends some language.

a.x.5. Saul says we’re covered under general insurance for children under 14.

a.x.6. Janet says that coverage is for shoppers. (If the child is accompanying a parent during their time investment that is a liability.)

a.x.7. Carolynn gives an example.

a.x.8. Rhoda- in store doing time commitments (include warehouse, outside…)

a.x.9. Janet- “Please find child-care” (originally).

a.x.10. Tim M asks if there is a liability for child-care.

a.x.11. Janet said it was tried at the old store

a.x.12. Rick M said he wouldn’t do it. (liability)

a.x.13. Carolynn says it’s a huge liability.

a.x.14. Brendan suggests we use language we’ve discussed (not covered by insurance).

a.x.15. Ned- long history… (I couldn’t catch all that dialogue.)

a.x.16. Carolynn reads language…”May not accompany parents during time investment.”

a.x.17. Jamere asks what if a Member-Owner is teaching a class with a kid.

a.x.18. Daniel points out that a Board meeting is a time investment. Playgroup…

a.x.19. Andrea says we can’t leave kids unattended.

a.x.20. Daniel recommends “sales floor, warehouse, exterior grounds.”

a.x.21. I took a break.

a.xi. Janet wants to send an alert to Member-Owners that their time investment is low.

a.xi.1. Carolynn p 18, section 4

a.xii. Ned is concerned about “fully engaged in time investments while clocked in.”

a.xii.1. Janet explains that it is to discourage people from disappearing.

a.xii.2. Ned wants more clarity.

a.xii.3. Tim M say it’s cooperative. We can chat, but have to work.

a.xii.4. Ned says he is offended that cashiers can’t check themselves out, or members of their household. He says it singles out cashiers. Cheese department can’t serve their household… (I couldn’t catch all that dialogue.)

a.xii.5. Carolynn- It’s a protection from the appearance of impropriety.

a.xii.6. Ned- (I couldn’t catch all that dialogue.)

a.xii.7. Erin says it is appropriate to take measures to avoid appearance of impropriety.

a.xii.8. Ned- My girlfriend, my wife… (I couldn’t catch all that dialogue.)

a.xii.9. Rita says it’s good business practice. Could we move on?

a.xii.10. Chris shouts at Ned for saying Rita doesn’t care.

a.xii.11. Carolynn tells Ned he had plenty of time to talk earlier.

a.xiii. Rebekah is concerned with the time. Could we decide that the Manuals are good enough with the change by to “after” (orientation) (becoming a member)? She proposes to accept the Member-Owner Manual as now modified knowing it is a flawed document and good enough for now.

a.xiii.1. Seconded.

a.xiii.2. Jamere asks about the agenda.

a.xiii.3. Rebekah explains. (Things we prioritized due the inclement weather.)

a.xiii.4. Motion is made again to accept the entire manual as now modified.

a.xiii.5. Ned still wants to talk about the Manual.

a.xiii.6. Rebekah asks him if he would vote it down without the change. He says no.

a.xiv. Rebekah and Ned are going over Manual again. He had a question about “not paying.”

a.xiv.1. Confidentiality comes up.

a.xiv.2. Carolynn says she resents Ned using our time wastefully.

a.xiv.3. (I’m guessing someone used a past theft incident as an example for confidentiality. It’s hard for me to keep up.) Carolynn notes that a certain case (without naming names) is no longer under confidentiality rules and that anyone could talk about it now, but that she will not entertain that.

a.xiv.4. Rebekah explains minor aspect of theft. (My recall is missing the full meaning of this.)

a.xiv.5. Greg says it’s not true. (I’m guessing this refers to the specific case.)

a.xiv.6. At some point, I speak up about “not paying” because I questioned the wording with the Owner Services Coordinator at one of the feedback sessions. She explained that it is worded that way because an investigation needs to take place to find out whether it is an actual theft or unintentional.

a.xiv.7. My opinion on theft at the Co-op: If a Member-Owner is hungry and can’t afford to pay, they should ask any of a number of Member-Owners who have offered to do so. Gourmet coffee is not a necessity. There is no excuse for stealing a coffee. There is free coffee in the break room. It is not ok for a Member-Owner who feels they aren’t properly compensated to steal as a form of protest, or to give themselves a raise. I’m somewhat aware of anarchist ideas on righteous theft. Our Co-op is not “the man.” We are a local business that supports local business, community, health, etc. Our Co-op makes a conscious effort to provide the best for its Member-Owners and employees. (Yes, we know that wasn’t always the case with the LT. We are all to blame for that, and we’re all responsible to make it better.) When someone steals from the Co-op, even a non-member shopper – they steal from themselves, the Co-op community, and everyone touched by the ripples of our work. Our prices can’t come down and our wages can’t go up when we are losing money. We may circulate about 24M a year, but we have a budget that leaves us with about 11k to take care of any unexpected needs, such a new cooler when one breaks down. Enough said.

a.xiv.8. Tim M reports that the Co-op parking lot is not slippery, but the roads are.

a.xiv.9. Ned wants to add “intentionally.”

a.xiv.10. Daniel talks about unintentionally eating…He wants a fair Co-op.

a.xiv.11. Someone proposes a vote on adding “unintentionally.” No. The vote is on the whole Manual. It was Saul’s motion, amended by Rebekah. Carolynn seconded. Ned wants on record the right to vote should have no limits (time constraints). All passed.

3. F& P manual

a. Added bylaws section

b. Section 7- Management wants to sell fluoride because it makes a lot of money, so the special order part was omitted.

c. Sulfites were in “do not sell.” Now in the “avoid” section with a warning (after phosphates before toxic chemicals, back of 3rd p)

d. Section 8, “not knowingly sell,” sulfites removed

e. Added in bulk section 16.1, “if known (where grown), how grown,”

f. Dairy (as much as) (Guessing this is about sharing as much info as we have on the product.)

g. Produce (“conventional- if GMO shall be labeled;” the produce department doesn’t buy GMOs)

g.i. Brendan confirms. We could advertise with time to verify with farmers.

h. References- cluster by topic and update regularly; will be printed last minute because always changing

i. Some managers are upset about language. “Endcap and stacks section” 10.1 first bullet

i.i. “Strive not to promote” Rick says the staff is inadequately equipped to make sure there no mistakes.

i.ii. Ned wants to give priority to foods that aren’t high risk.

i.iii. Rebekah gives example.

i.iv. Carolynn &Rebekah- It gives flexibility.

i.v. Daniel suggests keeping it.

i.vi. Brendan wants to know if it sets a precedent and thinks it governs minutia.

i.vii. Alana said this came from another Co-op. Carolynn says it sets a limited precedent. One of our highest values is not to have GMOs. That’s why “strive” is included. Rick M has their (employees) back if mistakes are made.

j. Laura- Section 8;

j.i. Rebekah- Sometimes we get a shipment with sulfites and can’t know until we open it.

j.ii. Laura wants to ensure there are adequate labels.

j.iii. Elena says it’s unreasonable to label naturally occurring sulfites.

j.iv. Laura- will “sulfite as an additive” be labeled?

j.iv.1. Linda- we can label it “may contain” Rebekah- after packaging additive we will strive to label these…

k. Saul moves to approve F&P manual.

k.i. Rebekah- p 4 food suppliers, change to any single supplier. She’ll fix paginations.

k.ii. Rick 10.1 – we kept it.

k.iii. Rick seconds. All in favor.

k.iv. Ned thanks NEC.

4. Rick- Thanks for support on the bonus plan. He wants to modify the bonus plan. It is still 10% of profits. He will look at the distribution model. Employees got together last week with a petition to base bonuses on hours over wages. Originally, the plan included only regular employees and subs were not included, but he wants to add subs.

a. Rebekah wants to move to approve whatever bonus top management decides to do.

b. Rick says the dollar amount doesn’t change.

b.i. Rebekah- Whatever you decide is most equitable.

b.ii. Ned- Are we on board? We should let management handle it because they will be fair. There were 82 signatures,
which is 40% of the employees.

b.iii. Carolynn- Are you changing this based on a minority of staff?

b.iii.1. Rick says he will consider it in relation to the distribution.

b.iii.2. Rick D, to Rick M – under a lot of pressure. Thank you for something that doesn’t’ happen at the Co-op a lot. Giving to the cause cooperatively.

b.iii.3. Tim M- Does the 60% that didn’t chime in have a voice?

b.iii.4. Rick M can’t speak to that.

b.iii.5. Greg says the overall sentiment is it should be done right. Other people signed late. We have more signatures now. He is not sure what the other 60% thinks.

b.iii.6. Jamere says the admin department didn’t work on the weekend. There was a deadline. Employees would’ve signed. She thanks Rick for including subs.

b.iii.7. Rhoda wants to clarify that it is hours worked.

b.iii.8. Bob Jacobs is happy that the Board is not micromanaging Rick.

b.iii.9. Now the Board bickering over what exactly they are voting on. Carolynn seconds. Passed.

5. (The rest of these items and more weren’t covered at this meeting, and some of them were supposed to be covered at the previous meeting. I postulate that this is due in large part by the lack of preparedness of the most vocal Board member. Enough said.)Member Items

a. Breathing Exercises before Meetings- Victor Anderson

6. Honest Weight Community Initiative (quarterly Jan., April, July, Oct.)

7. Board Work

a. Supervision of Member-Owner Coordinator

b. Review of Board Manual

c. Inside Scoop

8. Committee Work

a. Finance Committee

b. Communications Committee

c. Elections & Nomination Committee

d. Nutrition & Education

e. Personnel

f. Corporate Compliance

g. Marketing Committee

9. Agenda Items for Next Meeting

a. Estimated Meeting Time

10. Approval of Minutes

a. Minutes of January 3rd Board Meeting

11. Executive Session (personnel issues, etc.)

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Jessica Rae, Member-Owner since 2008, attended this Board meeting and provided notes for this report. Her focus is on completing her English degree in Brockport. Jessica maintains connections to the Co-op because she loves the food, community, and believes that a Co-op like ours is essential local infrastructure needed for the community to thrive well into the future.