June 2017 – Voice Mail

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Dear Co-Op-ers,

In June, Donald Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement and thereby crippled the world’s chance to avoid a catastrophic increase in global temperatures to above 2 degrees Celsius. We the people, however, have an opportunity to push back, thanks to a new development in solar.

Regardless of Trump’s disastrous dictate, a number of state governors, including California and New York’s, pledged to uphold the goals of this historic climate agreement. But governors can’t do this alone, they need the support of their citizens.

In New York, individuals can now take bold, collective action in generating their own green electricity, made possible by a recent NYSERDA program called Community Solar. It’s easier than ever to produce green energy at low cost.

Under the Community Solar rules, small groups of people can organize together and form their own ‘nano-utility’ by installing solar panels on a chosen site. Once the panels are connected to the grid, members of the Community automatically receive offset credits on their home electric bills (e.g., National Grid).

If anyone sees Community Solar as a clean, renewable electricity cooperative, then we’re on the same page together.

Dennis Shibut

dennis.shibut [AT] gmail.com

Editors’ Note: There’s an ongoing Co-op Board/Management conversation about solar energy and the Co-op. Also, Solarize the Capital District meets at the Co-op weekly; see their series of articles in the August 2016 Voice. Their next meeting is Thursday, June 22 at 6pm in the Community Room- all are welcome. And, see Bob Jacob and Greg Pedrick’s article in this issue.