Letter to the Editor

Hand holding a quill pen

Hello Co-op Voice Editors,

I just wanted to send you a note to say that you are doing a great job with the Voice!

As a member, I appreciate the movement to create and provide an engaging avenue for direct member-to-member communications and discussion of goings-on amongst the membership. The Coop Scoop, as it is today, is a great educational, outreach, and marketing piece that has appeal to the general public (and potential future members!) Every issue is distributed by members to community sites: libraries, businesses, schools and not-for-profits. This shift over time from internal newsletter to public-facing magazine has created a vacancy and need for a publication positioned to discuss exclusively Co-op matters for and between members. So thank you for your efforts, kind words and support. And, indeed, hooray for multi-faceted HWFC!

In cooperation,

Georgia Julius

Education Coordinator and Editor of the Coop Scoop