May 2016 Letter from the Editors

Coffee pot from a 1985 Coop Scoop.
Coffee pot from a 1985 Coop Scoop.

Welcome, Co-op Voice Readers,

Our issue this month is largely devoted to a variety of takes on membership. We hear from several HW members who report on the April 17th Regular Membership Meeting and election, which was generally seen as a positive event, evincing pride in and optimism about our 40 year old cooperative. Someone else expresses disappointment with her experience as a Co-op member but says she has so far remained because she sees a “glimmer of hope.”

We’ve set up a “Committee Corner” to hear reports about the activities of the Board Committees, made up of members who choose to fulfill member hours by assisting the work of the Board in this way. We’ve begun a series which looks at other food co-ops and how their members work together to forward their missions.

We also hear (in a Letter to the Editor) from an HW shareholder who feels that there needs to be more clarity when referring to shareholders and members. He writes “How can HWFC be called member-run and member-owned when only a small class of members, member workers, can vote?  …It might help if the front end was retrained to ask whether folks are shareholders, since that’s the common denominator between shareholders and members.”

The Bylaws of Honest Weight do clearly define the terms, but life is full and not everyone has delved into the document as fully as might be possible. So we offer the information here to help our community move toward clarity:

From Honest Weight’s Bylaws:
240 Definitions
.1 A Shareholder is an individual who has purchased a share in HWFC.
.2 A Member is a Shareholder who is current with her/his share payments and monthly work requirements.
.3 The Membership is comprised of all Members.

Also in this issue, we take a look at seasonal produce. In light of the issues examined in Michael Rice’s article regarding Driscoll’s practices, we asked Colie Collen to provide some ideas on foods that can be found in the area this month. It’s always a great idea to buy local whenever possible!

Hope you’ll enjoy reading May’s issue, and please let us hear from you! We want to know what you think, and please consider getting involved! Write us letters. Pitch articles. Perhaps you’d like to help get the material (aka “content”) onto the website each month, or organize the advertising?

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Looking forward to reading your mail,

Cara Benson and Paula Weiss
Editors, Co-op Voice