Meet Mo Durr, HWFC’s Meat and Seafood Manager


If you have shopped for meat or seafood at Honest Weight Food Co-op, chances are you have been greeted by the kind smile and helpful service of Moses – “Mo” – Durr. Recently, Mo was promoted to Department Manager, and things have been more than busy.

I’d like to share this brief interview; Mo promises to give us an opportunity for a more complete profile once life slows down for him!

What’s your position at HWFC?

I’m the Meat and Seafood Manager.

How long have you been in that position? How long have you been at HWFC?

I’ve been in the position about 3 months, and I’ve been at the Coop about 5 years.

What attracted you to apply for a position at the HWFC?

I’ve worked in the Meat Department about 5 years, so I thought it was a good opportunity to advance my position at HWFC.

What are your general roles and responsibilities?

I’m generally responsible for ordering/buying products for the Department, scheduling Department team members, maintenance of the Department, and – most important — customer service.

What excites you about your job?

My interaction with the members and customers is what excites me the most about my job.

What are some challenges of your job?

Some of the challenges of the job include balancing backstock of product and staff issues.

What are some changes you have brought to the Department?

I have not brought many changes to the Department yet. I think the previous manager, Nick Bauer, did an excellent job with the Department. One thing I have changed is trying to accommodate more special orders for customers.

What are some things you would like to see change or done differently?

To be honest, I think the Co-op is already running like a well-oiled machine!

Do you get to meet the farmers who sell their meat to the Co-op?

I do. Wouldn’t have it any other way. I think a face-to-face relationship is the best kind to have with the farmers.

Can you envision the Co-op returning to selling only local and sustainably-raised meat?

It might be a stretch to supply all of the demand, but with more local farmer involvement I do think it’s possible.


Meghan Breen is a budding herbalist, training to be a Certified Herbalist with Aviva Romm. She is a former public school teacher and clinical social worker originally from Syracuse, NY. She is currently homeschooling her five kids on a small homestead outside of Albany. She has been a member of HWFC since 2006 and a contributing writer to the Co-op Voice since 2016 and feels very committed to supporting member-owned cooperatives. For this reason, she chooses to do almost all of the shopping for her family of seven at the Co-op, even if she could occasionally save a buck elsewhere. Meg is so very grateful for HWFC and its continual and evolving work to give every member a voice!