Membership Meeting TODAY!


Contrary to usual practice, TODAY, Sunday, May 21st from 6-8pm, Honest Weight will hold its budget Membership Meeting at Albany Unitarian Universalist Church (formerly FUUSA).

Traditionally, we vote on the budget at a Membership Meeting during the last week or so in June. Many of you attended our April 30th Membership Meeting and are wondering, “Why another meeting so soon?”

The Finance Committee, which includes CFO Erin Martin and Treasurer Kate Doyle, decided that should the budget be voted down they would want to bring a revised budget to the Membership before the end of the current fiscal year. Scheduling the meeting on May 21st provides ample time to reconfigure the budget for a second vote in June, should the need arise.

As always, we need to reach quorum for the meeting to proceed. Once the days are sunny and warm, this can be a challenge. To entice you, we’ll have a Committee Fair and dessert potluck from 5 to 6pm. Your attendance could make all the difference, so please make your best effort to join us tonight!