NEC’s Monthly 3 Question Survey

Produce Section

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Thank you so much for participating in last month’s survey; we received so many helpful responses! Be sure to check out the next issue of the Co-op Voice for a summary of the responses from August’s survey.

If you haven’t participated in our survey before please keep reading–
The Co-op’s Nutrition and Education Committee is looking for your input to help us develop a new Food and Product Manual.

Would you like to have some say in what your Co-op stocks in the store? Would you like to see food allergens labeled more clearly? How about products you’d like to see taken off the shelves? Do you have concerns about where your food is coming from? Would you like to be confident that you could pick up any item in the store and know with certainty it does not contain GMO’s? How about PFOA’s? Or BPA?

If you care about what your Co-op sells, then please take a few minutes and answer our 3 Question Survey this month.

And PLEASE come back every month and answer a few more of our questions!

Co-op Voice Editor-in-Chief Paula Weiss began shopping at Honest Weight upon moving to Albany in 1984, and bought a share to help enable the move to Central Ave. Now approaching senior shopper status, Paula has worked over the years in Produce, Outreach, and as a Courtesy Clerk. HW remains a center of the home community for Paula and her family.