NEC’s New Monthly 3 Question Survey

Photo by John Carl D'Annibale. From the August 8, 2013 Times Union.

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What’s the NEC anyway, you ask? The Co-op’s Nutrition and Education Committee! Our purpose is to provide educational materials related to food issues. We’ve also been charged by the Board to formulate a new Food and Product Manual, which has been in development. When it is complete, it will go to the Membership for approval and be voted on.

With a recent surge in interest and participation from members, the NEC has grown, and we hope to complete the manual soon. In order to help us understand the needs and desires of the Membership, we thought it best to collect feedback. And here on the Co-op Voice would be the perfect place to do just that.

Would you like to have some say in what your Co-op stocks in the store? Of course you would! Are there products that you would like to see on the shelves? I bet there are! Would you like to see food allergens labeled more clearly? How about products you’d like to see taken off the shelves? Do you have concerns about where your food is coming from? Would you like to be confident that you could pick up any item in the store and know with certainty it does not contain GMO’s? How about PFOA’s? Or BPA?

If you care about what your Co-op sells, then please take a few minutes of your time and answer our 3 Question Survey this month. And PLEASE come back every month and answer a few more of our questions!