Questions and Answers from the 2016 Board Candidates

Ballot form
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All officially declared, publically declared but not yet official, and not-yet-declared candidates for the April 17th HWFC Board of Directors election were invited to submit answers to a list of eight questions posed and chosen by members and staff. Candidates were asked to choose at least four questions to answer, and some chose to answer more than that.

A sincere thank you from the Voice to the ten dedicated candidates who have come forward to serve the Co-op and have volunteered their time and energy to let you know candidly how they feel about these issues, so vital to our Co-op’s future. Their thoughtful answers are published here for your consideration.

The Candidates:

Ballot Candidates:

Howard Brent

Tim Corrigan

Rick Donegan

Kate Doyle

Stacy Onorata

Carolynn Presser

Rebekah Rice

Saul Rigberg

Write-in Candidates:

Ned Depew

Collin Fox Thomas