Remembering Ed Miller, with Levity and Appreciation


Ed Miller, one of the founders of Honest Weight Food Co-op, passed away May 3, 2017, due to A.L.S. After a courageous resistance, he died at home peacefully.

Ed was, above all, a family man. He is survived by his wife Laura, daughters Rebecca and Emily, son Sam, son-in-law Zvi, granddaughter Mia, three nephews Randy, Carl, Arthur, many cousins and abundant friends.

Ed was also mightily involved in his community over his lifetime: in addition to his role in the birth and growth of Honest Weight, he participated in Walk & Watch in his Delaware neighborhood, played handball and volleyball, and volunteered for Senior Services of Albany, the Community Loan Fund, and United Tenants of Albany, as well as other organizations that help the underserved and struggling. At home, he gardened and recycled – overall, he enjoyed making the world around him better for all.

Ed had worked as an accountant /computer specialist manager for the Department of Environmental Conservation, retiring roughly 10 years ago.

In other words, Ed lived life to the fullest – with humor and companionship.

His sister Robin wrote the following during our ongoing mourning:

My awesome big brother Eddie
Transitioned, we hope he was ready
Bet he’s feeling so frisky
No more smoothies, just whiskey
And heavenly saucey spaghetti

An on-again/off-again Albany resident, Carol is an artist turned environmental activist, and has shopped at HWFC since its second iteration on Quail St. She has been a member/worker for about 10 years. Carol has known Ed since Quail St.