September 2016 Letter from the Editors

Coffee pot from a 1985 Coop Scoop.
Coffee pot from a 1985 Coop Scoop.

Dear Voice Readers,

As Stevie Wonder’s song says, “World, keep on turning…” The somber 15th anniversary of 9/11 has just passed, the US presidential race is in its bizarre last few weeks, but here’s some good news; the Co-op Voice is getting stronger!

We announced staff additions last month, and we’re now very pleased to welcome Ruth Jacobs to the editorial board, as well. Roxanne Lawrence has had to step down due to new job responsibilities. Thank you for pitching in when needed, Roxanne, and all the best!

We also welcome Sandra Montest-Hoff. She and Erin Coufal are working on organizing a Voice sponsorship program whereby Co-op members can have their businesses -or themselves- listed as Voice sponsors for an entire year. Keep an eye out for messages from them about that, and please consider becoming a Voice sponsor.

A reminder; if YOU are interested in joining us on the Co-op Voice staff, please contact us at editors AT Letters to the editor, suggestions for articles, etc. are always welcome, too.

This month’s issue includes the second Nutrition and Education Committee’s “Three Question Survey”- be sure to check it out and send in your answers.

Another interactive feature; Tracy Frisch had an idea, and she’s running with it! Her “Idea Facilitation” project is underway and promises to make positive change at the Co-op. If you have an idea about something Honest Weight related, give it a try.

And, calling all Co-op kids; Honey bee essays and art due October 1!

We’d like to end by giving a shout-out to a group of members of a fellow 40 year old food co-op in New Mexico, La Montañita. They wanted to “Take Back their Co-op” and launched a comprehensive website this month to be used by other co-ops in similar trouble. We wish them luck… feel free to share!

As ever, thank you for reading the Co-op Voice.

We wish you a good harvest- whatever your personal harvest consists of- and we hope you enjoy this issue.

Co-op Voice Editors