Spotted at the Co-op – Tattoos


Calling All Body Tattoo Art!

Summer is here, and the time is right – for showing off your ink!

Here are some beautiful tattoos that can be found on Co-op folks. We think you’ll agree, the tattoo photos we received for this issue are fab! Thanks to all who sent them in!

If you have a tattoo you’re proud of, snap a picture of it and e-mail it to editors AT We’ll print it in our next issue, in September.

When taking the photo, get up nice and close to the detail, as we know tattoos can be quite intricate. (The Editors, of course, have the right to reject any photo in questionable taste!) If you want, send in a blurb with your tattoo selfie, and tell us who you are and your connection to the Co-op.

We can’t wait to see your body art and help you show it off!

Cara’s tattoo is from MST3K (Mystery Science Theater 3000 is an American television comedy series)

Cara Del Favero, CLC, PCD, AAS, OSHA, of Albany Doula 🙂

Cathy B Sexton writes: “This picture is of my folks back in 1956 after they got married. Mom was hanging laundry and my dad set up his camera on timer and ambushed her.”
Cathy is a shopper and an Honest Weight Shareholder; she’s hoping to become a Member-Owner soon!

Kurt Lehner’s tattoo is of the Native American sun symbol / sign. Kurt is an Honest Weight staff person, and also a Member-Owner.

Here is my favorite tattoo!
Tabetha Jackson

Donna Aitoro-Williams is a writer, teacher, parent, wayfarer, and drummer who lives and works in the Capital District. One woman. Many hats. She has been a member of the Honest Weight Food Coop community since 1991.