Staff Happening – Appreciation Day, 2017


Co-op staff and members gathered in appreciation on Friday the 13th to celebrate each other and their connection to our community. Around 150 people showed up that day, and I really wish I’d happened upon it earlier – and that I’d taken more pictures of people, as well as the food offerings, which looked (natch) Co-op good. There was even a raffle for 8 hours of PTO! (That means “paid time off” for those of you who don’t know – a precious commodity indeed for those of us who do, like me).

What follows here are a photos of much-appreciated staff like Josh, Stephanie, Caleb, Alexis, Tim, Stephen, and others, including random photos of moms and babies, and kids tossing things, with deep apologies to those whose names I did not have time to get!

I also thought I’d add a snap of the poster for the upcoming Hallowe’en (or Samhain, for those of you with Druid or Celtic roots) poster, so you can begin preparing your duds. Be certain our creative, progressive, awe-somely woke community of staff and member workers will don costumes you won’t forget, with relevant commentary for sure. (And let’s hope they continue to show off that amazing body ink.) Be there, and don’t be scared.

Donna Aitoro-Williams is a writer, teacher, parent, wayfarer, and drummer who lives and works in the Capital District. One woman. Many hats. She has been a member of the Honest Weight Food Coop community since 1991.