Stay Tuned! Co-op Happenings


Things continue to move and shake at the Co-op, thanks to a robust bottom line, a sort-of new-ish CCO, an eager Board, and plenty of staff-member and member-owner hands at work — in our aisles, at our cashiers, and in the back spaces of our many awesome food and drink departments.

Earlier this month, the Co-op’s CCO, Rick Mausert, said he met with James Buono, the Co-op’s LED vendor, to review the timing of the installation and work plan for the new lighting system. He further reports that rebate monies have been requested, and approved by National Grid. As a result, the LEDs are on order. LED = light-emitting diode, for those who want to know. The work has started, and should be complete by June 28.

For those of you who work downtown, and were wondering what was up with the Co-op’s kiosk in the Empire State Plaza, you’ll be happy to know that this about-face on the part of the State is in its final approval stages. Again, Rick has his ear to the ground on such matters. The plaza area will be closed for the summer months, as the State’s Office of General Services makes their improvements to the seating area. Rick and the Co-op Marketing team, though, will be busy in the meantime, working on plans to promote the Co-op for a plaza kick-off in the fall. OGS has assured Rick that their work will be completed in September.

Thirdly, there’s been buzz around the iPAD Kiosk for consumer information. This new, customer-facing device will provide more granular (that’s granular, not granola) information about the food and food-stuffs we buy and consume. Rick has met with the Nutrition and Education Committee on this topic, and along with David Filkins, the Co-op’s go-to IT person, and our chief financial officer, Erin Martin, the best equipment for this application has been binge-priced. Where it will be installed is not yet known.

But wait – there’s more! Research and pricing for our very own electric vehicle car-charging station is complete! At last report, Rick says that the station should be installed by the end of June.

As long as we’re on the topic of driving and vehicles, we’re happy to report, too, that the Co-op’s new directional signage for our parking lot has been approved by The City of Albany zoning. An installation date of June 28 is expected. Take a look at the new photo to orient yourself to properly go this way, and that way!

On the membership front, for those of you who have been patiently waiting for the State to approve us for selling more shares, well, the BOD report is hoping to share good news shortly.

And did we say — but wait, there’s more ! Our member-owner discount will be going back up to 24% beginning July 1st, as approved by the membership budget approval vote.

Finally, we’re sad to hear that our very own Member Coordinator, Janet Sorell, is moving on to greener organic pastures in life. We wish you well, Janet! You will be missed, particularly at Voice meetings.