Co-op Voice Submission Guidelines

If it’s relevant to the mission of Honest Weight Food Co-op, it belongs here. Articles are published at the discretion of the editors, and may be edited for content, clarity and/or civility.

When submitting an article:

  1. Please email your draft in a Word document attachment to by the first of the month. 
  2. No revisions will be accepted after the initial submission.
  3. Writers correspond with the editor who assigned them the article, and then submit the drafts to that same editor on or before the first of the month.
  4. All articles must have a by-line.
  5. A word count of 500- 1,500 is generally suggested for articles. We reserve the right to refuse articles that are too long. However, certain articles may be approved for a series at the discretion of the editors.
  6. Please suggest a title for your article, and insert subheadings if the article is over 500 words. Style for titles and subheadings is “Title Capitalization”
  7. Please provide a brief bio in the third person (1 to 3 sentences, including your role at the Co-op and how long you’ve been a member).
  8. If you’re submitting photos or other graphics to accompany your article, please make sure the image is 640 X 480 pixels or larger, provide a caption, and be sure to get permissions and provide image credit.
  9. If your article references company or product names, please be sure to include the appropriate trademark or copyright symbol. (An online search of the company or product name will typically tell you if such symbols are needed.)
  10. Please refrain from abbreviations for text that is intended to be written out (e.g., spell out words such as “and” rather than using an “&”).
  11. Please do not use footnotes in your article.
  12. Please use the Insert Hyperlink function in Word to hyperlink your text to selective web links to support your ideas and enhance your article. Be mindful of using the most reliable sources possible.
  13. If you consulted further sources please list them at the end of the article, with title and author.

Once you have submitted your draft:

  1. It will be edited by our team for clarity, Co-op audience and compliance with Voice guidelines.
  2. If the editors and/or copy editors have comments or questions for you we will return your edited article within 7 days for you to address those comments and questions.
  3. We will then need you to return the article to us in 2 days. If we don’t receive the article back from you in those 2 days, it runs as is.
  4. On edited copy, comments and questions for you will appear bracketed in the text with colorful highlighting.

Thank you for your submission!