The Nutrition and Education Committee’s Monthly 3-Question Survey

Photo by Alejandro Adam. From, posted on August 22, 2016

April’s Survey Topic: Food and Product Manual

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The Nutrition and Education Committee (NEC) is really glad to be back posting surveys every month in the Co-op Voice. Yay! Thank you for your continued support these past few months, while we took a little break. This month, we’re going to focus on our Food and Product Manual (FPM).

Were you aware that the Co-op has a Food and Product Manual? Please let us know by responding to this question on our survey. That’s right, the Co-op does have an FPM, and our buyers use it as a guide when they make selections for the store. It covers all of the little details like what our standards are for moral and ethical production guidelines, environmental stewardship, healthy living, and safety when buying food and body aids for our community. It’s what helps us keep all that clean, healthy food on the shelves and all the junk out!

We’d like to know what your thoughts are about our FPM, how important you think it is to maintain it and to abide by its guidelines. And we’d also like to know how you would react if you came across a product in the store that you didn’t think fit into the FPM’s guidelines, whether it had an ingredient that we shouldn’t carry, it was made by a company with unscrupulous practices, or it was poor for the environment in some way. If you found a product like this in our store, what would you do? Please, take our survey and let us know.

If you have an interest in shaping the future of the Food and Product Manual or an interest in policing the shelves in the store, you could fulfill some of your time commitment by making sure the products on our shelves adhere to our policies, please contact the NEC by e-mailing, or stop by one of our meetings, the third Monday of the month in the Small Conference Room, at 5:30pm. We could use a few more good Member-Owners to help!

February’s Survey Results; What Do Readers Most Want to Read in the Co-op Voice?

Thank you from the Co-op Voice Team, for taking the time and effort to respond to February’s survey! While the NEC was taking a little hiatus, we decided to ask a few questions about the Co-op Voice.

One question we asked was, “In the monthly Co-op Voice, what are you most interested in reading?” News about Co-op developments had the highest ranking, with Letters to the Editor, Editorials, articles about governance, and articles about people in the Co-op all ranked very closely behind, while other items of more general interest were supported a little less than other topics.

There were a number of interesting responses when we asked “What do you value most about the Co-op Voice?” and “How can the Co-op Voice encourage wider participation by the entire Co-op community?” We couldn’t possibly quantify them all in this summary, so we encourage you to read them for yourself by clicking here. When you do so, make sure you click “comments” at the bottom of the second question in order to read all the comments that respondents had to that question, too.

As Paula Weiss, one of our Editors, put it “It’s clear that the respondents favor news about Co-op developments and other Co-op news over items of general interest. While I think we should always have a couple of items of general interest, like Meg’s herbs article and the Activists’ Diary- I would personally like to see the Co-op Voice focus mostly on Co-op goings-on, profiles of other co-ops, etc.”

Thanks again for your participation!
Please come back every month to weigh in with your opinions!