The Nutrition and Education Committee’s Monthly 3-Question Survey

Shoppers in the Bulk Department
Photo by John Carl D'Annibale. From the August 8, 2013 Times Union

May’s Survey Topic: Food Preparation and Cooking Techniques

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Each month the Nutrition and Education Committee (NEC) posts a survey in the Co-op Voice. This month, we would like to ask you a few questions about how you prepare your grains, beans, nuts, and seeds.

We also want to take this opportunity to mention some of the benefits of soaking and sprouting grains, beans, nuts, and seeds. If you eat any of these without soaking or sprouting them, you’re missing out on some of the benefits and nutrients they could provide. Most experts agree soaking is good, but soaking and sprouting are better.

Sprouting grains, beans, nuts, and seeds:

  • Increases Nutrient Absorption
  • Makes Food Easier to Digest
  • Decreases Antinutrients & Phytic Acid
  • Increases Protein Availability
  • Breaks Down Gluten for Easier Digestibility
  • Increases Fiber Content
  • Helps Reduce Other Allergens Found in Grains
  • May Increase Enzymes & Antioxidants

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March’s Survey Results

In March, we wanted to know what was important to our respondents when they made purchases in the Plants Department. Please, click here to see the full results of March’s survey. There were a number of informative comments written in response to each of our questions. When you look at the full results, please make sure you click Comments at the bottom of each question to read them all.

In the first question, we asked what you were primarily looking for when you purchase cut flowers at Honest Weight Food Co-op (HWFC). Over half of respondents felt it was important that products were local, had value pricing, and were naturally or organically grown. Fewer respondents sought cut flowers at HWFC because of the specific varieties carried. There were several comments from respondents indicating that the quality, freshness, and beauty of Honest Weight’s cut flowers most inspire their purchase, while others said that they don’t buy cut flowers. Some felt our answer choices were unfair for not offering these as set responses. Please forgive our limited answer options for these questions, as we had the Food and Product Manual (FPM) in mind when developing them.

In the second question, we asked what you were primarily looking for when you purchase plants at HWFC. In this category, naturally and organically grown was clearly the most important consideration prompting respondents to purchase plants at HWFC. Over half felt that specific varieties of plants offered at HWFC, including locally-sourced varieties, were also important. But, when it came to plants, value pricing was least important.

In the third question, we asked what best describes your reasons for making a purchase of conventionally grown flowers or plants. Well over half of our respondents answered: “It is the only version HWFC offers of a specific variety.” Fewer focused on the lower cost that conventional plants typically have compared with the natural/organic version, or the lower cost that member-owners may pay with their discount at Honest Weight compared to shopping elsewhere.

Thanks again for your participation!