The Nutrition and Education Committee’s Monthly 3-Question Survey

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November’s Survey Topic: Say Cheese!

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The Nutrition and Education Committee (NEC) posts a survey every month in the Co-op Voice to get your opinions about everything imaginable at the Co-op. This month, we’re highlighting the Cheese and Specialty Food Department. They sell a lot more than just cheese back there. They also take care of the olive bar, eggs, butter, and so many special gourmet delights in the aisles in front of the cheese counter. Did you know that we have one of the largest selections of cheese north of New York City? There are so many options to choose from: Cow’s milk, Goat’s milk, Sheep’s milk, Animal Rennet Free/Kosher/Vegetarian, Grass Fed, Lactose-Free, Organic, and Raw and you can taste any of them back at the cheese counter. All you have to do is ask! (The Co-op also carries Vegan Cheeses that are managed and stocked by the Grocery Dept.)

You can always recognize Cheese and Specialty Food Department Staff, they’ll be the friendly ones wearing hats & aprons, and they’re always happy to cut you a sample or custom cut a chunk of cheese for you, big or small, any size you would like. They also make up cheese platters that are great for a party. And did you know that more than 60% of our cheeses are local! That’s right! And delicious!

And then there are the eggs. Did you know that ALL of our eggs come from local, cage-free chickens raised with NO antibiotics? That’s right! Except for the duck and pheasant eggs, of course (they don’t come from chickens 😀). And on the right side of the cooler, by the eggs, they’ve posted The Egg Chart. Talk about transparency! If you look at The Egg Chart you can see eggxactly where those chickens have been raised, what they’ve been eating, and their living conditions. Did you know that Pastured and/or Free Range chickens not only are happier and healthier, but their eggs are much healthier too and more nutritious for us to eat? When you shop for eggs at the Co-op you can really make informed decisions about your food!

Please, take a few minutes to tell us how you feel about shopping in the Cheese and Specialty Food Department. Linda Donegan, the manager, would like to know what products and services are most important to you and how she and her staff could improve your shopping experience.

September’s Survey Results

Thank you for taking the time and effort to respond to September’s survey! Alex Mytelka and his team from the Wellness Department would also like to pass along their thanks. He said they received some very valuable takeaways from all of your responses. Please click here to see the full results of September’s survey.

First, Alex wanted to know if there were Wellness (supplement or body care) products that you order online or buy elsewhere because you can’t get them at the Co-op and if so, which products. It was almost an even split between yes and no and there were many detailed answers written in with all sorts of products that people buy elsewhere. Certainly, Alex and his team will be looking into whether or not they can get any of those products.

Second, he asked if you would you be interested in some sort of an announcement and/or newsletter highlighting new products that the Co-op is offering and if so, which medium of communication do you think would be best. Overwhelmingly, the answer was YES. Nearly 80% of respondents wanted to know about new products and most of them thought EMAIL would be the best medium. Newsletters like the Coop Scoop, the Co-op Voice, and the existing Mailchimp newsletter from marketing were suggested, along with a bulletin board in the Co-op, placards in the Co-op Cafe, flyers, and a dedicated spot on the website were also good suggestions.

And Lastly, Alex wanted to know, if you have special ordered items from the Wellness Department, how satisfied were you with the experience (placing the order, wait time, etc.) and what could we improve. Overall, the satisfaction rating was 7 out of 10. That’s pretty good, but it looks like there is certainly room for improvement. Alex and his team are up for the challenge, surely, they’ll be doing whatever they can to improve those stats. Most people that commented would have liked to receive their special orders more quickly. One was disappointed that they had to buy a whole case, another was surprised by the price, and yet another suggested an electronic method of requesting special orders.

Thanks again for your participation!
Please come back every month to weigh in with your opinions!