Update on the Strategic Plan!

Venn Diagram

Fellow Co-op owners, shareholders, and community members: our strategic plan is taking shape! The Strategic Planning Committee’s Steering Team has been organizing the visions we shared of our community’s growth during the business planning meetings and community events.

We began this process trying to organize our data into a “Balanced Scorecard”—a commonly used business template which outlines internal and external growth potential. After struggling with this model, we realized that our data needed to be organized according to our triple bottom line of People, Planet and Profit.

Because Honest Weight is different, we needed a different model. We are now examining feedback from the community and business planning events and organizing them into our People Plant Profit Venn diagram. Those statements which find overlap in all categories are those that speak to the Co-op’s core mission and which will guide us towards a healthy future.

Throughout the process our team has meticulously recorded all changes and consolidation both to generate an organized final document and to maintain transparency for future scrutiny. As we finish this process, the SPC will be looking for community members to help track the implementation and success of our plan. We are incredibly excited for this work to be publicized and to hear all of your comments!

I have been a member of the HWFC along with my partner Keren since moving into Albany two years ago. The produce, bulk section, cheese counter and community are why I keep coming back to the store. I have been working on the Strategic Planning Committee since April 2015.