Voice Mail – April 2018


Note from the Editors: While reading Stacy Onorata’s letter (below) on Sunday, Erin Martin, HWFC’s Chief Financial Officer, noticed that a large figure quoted by Stacy was incorrect. A correction to the letter was made by us at 6pm, 4/15/18. Thank you, Erin!

In looking at what had happened, we became aware of an issue inherent in using multiple platforms to prepare the newsletter, which we have since addressed. We learned that text deletions sometimes re-appear. The large figure originally printed in Stacy’s letter had been intentionally deleted by Stacy prior to submission, but yet up it popped. 

Erin also wants to remind members that the monthly Finance Committee Meetings are open for members to attend and be part of the budget discussions. Once a budget is approved by the Finance Committee and recommended for membership approval by the Board, a series of Budget Meetings for the membership are held. For this Budget cycle five such meetings were scheduled. Two of those meetings are still to come on April 18 from 1-2:30pm, and April 20th from 5:30 to 7pm, in the Co-op’s Community Room​.

Letter from Anastasia Onorata

Dear Editors and Fellow Member Owners,

Once again I wish to express my gratitude for having an independent Voice with which to state my views.  In one week we will gather together to elect eight new Board members (if we are so fortunate) to carry the hopes and wishes of the Membership forward.  I am grateful to those candidates who are willing to step up and shoulder this responsibility and wish to offer some thoughts for their consideration. Here are the first two issues which I believe should get the highest priority:

First, the new Board needs to sit down and agree on a workable plan to restore member hours to the Voice volunteers for their invaluable service. Continuing to treat the Voice as persona non grata is punitive, vindictive, and most of all unproductive; we need this resource. Surely we can all cooperate.   

Second, important financial plans for implementing mandated wage increases for all employees, as well as plans for paying balloon mortgage payments due starting in December 2018, should be discussed in a dedicated meeting with the Membership, not just as part of an annual budget vote.

Other issues such as overly long and uninformative Board meetings, and opaque Member-Owner discipline procedures, also need to be aired.

I look forward to meeting the candidates and hearing their views.  Most importantly, I must seriously consider withholding my vote for the Budget at this time until the Membership has had time to consider financial issues at greater length and depth. We have time to pass the Budget.  Last year the vote was moved up from June to May. What’s the rush?

I hope to see all my old friends at the meeting on April 22.

Hopefully and cooperatively,

Anastasia (“Stacy”) Onorata


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