Voice Mail – February 2018


This month, the Co-op Voice received two letters to the editor:

Letter from Jeff Leon
Letter from Elaine Hills

Dear Editors,

Do we still have a Voice? I’m wondering what happened at the meeting Sunday [the Honest Weight Food Co-op Membership Meeting, January 28th, 2018.]

I didn’t go because I can’t vote, and wasn’t let in the last time I tried, so I don’t feel I have a voice at all except for you and your team.

Jeff Leon
Strawberry Fields

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Dear Co-op Community,

The aim of the Co-op Voice is to give voice to this Co-op community. Communities come together in cooperation, in conflict, and everything in between. Discussing and sharing these experiences is how communities have an opportunity to grow together. The Voice aims to embrace these growth opportunities, whatever their flavor may be, as a tool for community togetherness.

While we recognize the importance of being diligent in our policies about respect, fairness and anonymity, and adhering to the privacy concerns that have evolved for this community (e.g., password protection, where needed), we recognize that we as a community can only grow by embracing our issues together rather than pretending they don’t exist or shouldn’t be discussed.

In cooperation,

Elaine Hills

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