Voice Mail – June 2018


This month, we received two letters to the Co-op Community.

Letter from CeCe 
Letter from Richard Clandorf

Dear Co-op Community,

AVillage/Radix proudly presents the South End Healthy Market that will kick off at the Capital South Campus Center, 20 Warren Street in Albany from 10am-3pm on Saturday, June 30th.

We invite you to join us June 30th, and throughout the summer and into the early fall. We will have various goods and services, including fun activities and opportunities to learn about healthy living. Come out to the South End Healthy Market to purchase affordable food. We sell fruits, vegetables, and baked goods.

We’ll be at the corner of Green Street & 4th Avenue (Parking lot of 230 Green Street), from 10am to 3pm.

AVillage collaborates with Trinity Alliance and The Radix Center to bring fresh, locally grown produce to the community, as well as promote good nutrition and exercise.​

Want to get involved? We’re looking for providers, performers, volunteers and various forms of assistance. If you’re interested in becoming involved with our market please contact me at southendhealthymarket AT gmail.com.


Looking forward to hearing from you,


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To the Honest Weight Food Co-op Community,

This is a call for ART! The Honest Arts Committee is now accepting paintings, drawings, prints, photography and mixed media entries for its remaining two shows of the year.

Those of us on the Committee are celebrating our successful year hanging a variety of shows in Honest Weight Food Co-op’s gallery. We’re ending the season with two remaining art shows, which we’re calling “Shoreline” and “Horizons.” SHORELINE is slated for 8/1-9/30, 2018. Entries for Shoreline are due by June 25th.

HORIZONS is slated for 11/1-12/31, 2018, with entries for that due between September 1st and September 24th.
Complete entry instructions are available by emailing HonestArtsCommittee AT honestweight.coop.

Exhibit receptions will be held 8/5 and 11/4. Mark your calendars!

We’re interested in all two-dimensional works to hang in our hallway gallery. These shows are open for anyone and everyone to submit art—Co-op Member-Owners, Owners, Staff AND the public. So please pass along this announcement! Share with your friends on social media, contact us for instructions and send in your entries by 6/25 for SHORELINE and between 9/1-9/24 for HORIZONS.

The Honest Arts Committee has helped recreate a positive energy source and feeling of community that is so much needed for healing of all kinds. The Committee aspires to engage imagination, stimulate conversation, and strengthen connection in the store and community by coordinating, promoting, and encouraging the arts in the Co-op. The Committee is always in search of large works of art to hang in the store.

The Honest Arts Committee’s fifth show, the Studio e show, written about in May’s Co-op Voice, is still up and running through the end of June. I’m sure most of you who are frequent Co-op shoppers must by now have seen this wonderful collaboration with our own artist baker Stephen and the other artists from the Studio e art therapy program.

We are eager and excited to see what treasures our creative Co-op artists will present for us to exhibit in our next two upcoming shows. Please invite everyone you know to participate, see the shows, and join us at the receptions.

The Committee is also in the process of hanging more picture rail in the staff break room, and the committee room in the store offices. We’re always looking for spots to hang art. (Thank you to Management and the Board for being so cooperative!)

I hope to see you at the receptions to support the efforts of the community and the spirit behind the artists’ creativity.

Thank you,

Richard Clandorf