Voice Mail – September 2018


This month, we received one letter to the Co-op Community.

Letter from Louise Maher-Johnson 

Hi Co-op Voice,

I appreciate this newsletter as an important member-consumer means of communication. I have missed the [former] Coop Scoop.

I am hoping you will publish this link to the downloadable pamphlet I have put together, entitled: Rise of 20 Diseases in the USA Correlates with Rise of Glyphosate (Roundup) and GMOs in our Everyday Food


It’s a readable compilation of independent, peer-reviewed, and published research to help explain graphs showing 10 years of government data proving this dramatic correlation.

I have informed others about the risks of GMOs and Roundup throughout 20 of the 39 years I have been a Co-op member. I am a retired teacher and owner of Skyhill Egg Farm.

Louise Johnson

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