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“Making positive changes through co-operative effort, hearing a number of different voices and working with others to synthesize the points of view into something effective and positive is challenging and exciting, and when the work is done, very satisfying.”

On April 30, 2017, the Co-op Membership will meet to elect three members to the Board of Directors.

Those three seats are currently held by Nate Horwitz, Richard Donegan, and Ned Depew. Nate will not seek re-election when his term expires at the April meeting. A long-standing member of HWFC, Nate has given much of his time and heart to the Co-op. Eighteen months ago, he graciously agreed to run for the Board and share his experience and wisdom with us. We will miss the insight, knowledge and direction he has provided.

What it means to be an Honest Weight Board Member

“Working on the Board is a very creative experience. One learns a lot about oneself.”

“Doing hard work with a disparate group of people is exciting and provocative. It forces you to think in new ways and come up with better solutions.”

The fundamental purpose of a Board member is to work toward the common good and success of the Co-op, without self-interest.

Serving on the Board is a unique opportunity to make a contribution to the Co-op. Yes, it’s time-consuming, challenging, and requires the frequent exercise of one’s best personal traits such as patience, courtesy, a willingness to listen and seek compromise, and a sense of humor. It also calls for the ability to compromise and to share generously of one’s knowledge and skills. For most of those very reasons, it can be a truly rewarding and growth-oriented experience.

Board members must start with or quickly develop the skills needed to assess a budget and measure the financial success of the Co-op. Members of the Elections and Nominations Committee can give suggestions as to how to get up to speed with these skills, if need be. Prospective board members must also be able to balance the intangibles with the need to run a profitable business.

The Board’s Recent Achievements

Over the past year, with cooperation from Member-Owners, Employees, Management and our customers, the Board has made changes that have vastly improved the Co-op’s financial condition. The Board is in the process of evaluating loan packages for refinancing our construction and equipment debt. Because of the significant improvement in our financial condition, the Board expects more favorable terms than under the prior loan agreements.

In addition, the Board has supported Management in sharing our recent financial success. The profits are being invested in store improvements, the development of new marketing efforts and in bonuses for our Employees.

While these successes depend on the energy and commitment of our Management, Member-Owners and Employees, we require Board members who can collectively guide the Co-op towards the goal of continuing financial and “intangible” improvements.

Consider Becoming a Board Member

Perhaps you or someone you know could be an asset to the Board. Consider becoming a candidate or supporting someone else who could make a real contribution to continuing the Co-op’s positive direction.

The best reason for serving is to share one’s unique skills to protect and further the mission and survival of the Co-op. If you’d like to know more about becoming a Board member, we suggest you discuss it with a current or past Board member, or with members of the Elections and Nominations Committee:
NominatingComm@honestweight.coop. We hold Board elections every April to fill the three seats that become open under our Bylaws. The Elections and Nominations Committee is always interested in talking with people interested in board service now, or in the future.