Welcome from the Editors – March 2017

Coffee pot from a 1985 Coop Scoop.
Coffee pot from a 1985 Coop Scoop.

This issue marks a full year of bringing you the Co-op Voice. Our “team” is made up of dedicated, talented, and all-round great people, our “work-flow” is becoming a thing of beauty, and we hope you enjoy reading the Voice as much as we enjoy working on it together.

Greg Pedrick (our web content manager) recently mentioned that it’s been found that, thanks to the Internet, people’s attention spans are now less than a goldfish’s! Seriously!! Still, we trust that at least on occasion, Voice readers are willing to stay with a longish article when a subject is of sufficient interest. That confidence led us to accept Laura Hagen’s well-researched piece on MSG, which brings together very helpful information that can’t be found in as handy a form elsewhere. Part 1 of Laura’s article is published this month, and Part 2 will appear in April, reflecting a policy we decided to adopt for articles that are longer than usual.

Another policy we’ve worked on recently guides the content we publish. It reads, in part:

Articles that belong in the Co-op Voice are within the context of:
● Great Food
● The Co-operative Movement
● Creating Inclusive Community Networks
● Environmental and Social Justice
● Natural Health Care
● Green Living

In the year to come we hope to bring you a number of investigations into these issues.

We’re looking for Co-op members with expertise on any of the above, and especially those with a background in the environmental sciences — to write, co-write, or advise on future articles for us. Please give us a shout if you’re interested!

As ever, thanks for reading,

The Co-op Voice Editors