What is HWFC’s “Governance Review Council?”

Good Governance Conveyed


Current Governance Review Council (GRC) member Jeff Marden describes the GRC’s function as a “check and balance,” while longtime Co-op Member Ed Miller refers to the group as “the rules experts.”

What the HWFC’s Governance Review Council does, in essence, is seek to protect the goals, interests and ideals of HWFC Shareholders by evaluating (and advising about) the particulars of potentially every HWFC policy and procedure.

The GRC fulfills its mission by independently monitoring all HWFC business. GRC members explore issues found through personal observation as well as reports and requests received from Shareholders or groups (e.g., the Board, the Bylaws Committee, etc.). One could say the GRC serves an informal ombudsman role to protect the democratic and cooperative nature of the Co-op.  From time to time, the GRC is called on to fulfill special functions. For example, immediately prior to last November’s Special Membership Meeting (while the HWFC Board was in transition) the GRC stepped up, overseeing everything from agenda items to the voting process, including verifying ballot results.

GRC’s Mission

According to the Co-op’s bylaws, the purpose of the GRC is to “promote good governance” specifically by “encouraging robust democratic, cooperative processes and structures in order to facilitate fair and open decision-making at all levels of HWFC.”

Click here for details on the GRC’s responsibilities, structure, and process.

GRC Meetings

The GRC’s monthly meetings are open to all Shareholders. While participation is enthusiastically welcomed and encouraged, only GRC members can vote at these meetings.

GRC meeting information can be found here or under ‘Participate’ on honestweight.coop. GRC meeting dates and locations can (and do) change without notice, so check before you go.

The agendas and minutes of GRC meetings are available online to all Shareholders. To obtain the password for these forms, call the Co‑op’s Customer Service Desk at 518/482-2667 or email memberservices AT honestweight.coop.

Three GRC Seats Up for Election This Month

Current members of the GRC include Sandy MacKay (GRC chair), Jeff Marden, and Judith Brink. Two GRC seats are currently vacant, and Judith Brink’s seat is up for election. Judith was recently appointed by GRC members to allow the GRC to reach quorum and, therefore, to function. This appointment will automatically end at the next membership meeting. Please note that Judith is running to fill the seat she now holds by appointment.

Members in good standing (up to date with share payments and hours) will elect new GRC members at the next General Membership Meeting, on Sunday, October 23, 2016 at 6pm. The General Membership Meeting notice is posted here on the HWFC website. GRC candidate applications can be viewed here.

Considering running for a seat on the GRC? Jeff suggests the best candidates are those with a strong commitment to the Co-op and the ability to consistently exercise objectivity.

Nomination forms are available at the Customer Service Desk.  Member-Owners in good standing can nominate themselves or each other.

Look for profiles of our newly-elected GRC members in upcoming issues of the Co-op Voice.

Stephanie Conde has been a Shareholder of the Co-op for about a decade and a Member for about a year. She fulfills her member hours as a cashier on Wednesday mornings and as a staff writer for “The Voice.” Stephanie also works as an independent consultant, providing research, writing and editing services to educational institutions and others.