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Have you ever been curious about what happens to food in our store that’s close to its last sale date? Here are responses to that question from managers of three departments at Honest Weight. We will publish the responses from the other department managers as soon as we hear from them.

Food Services (the Deli, Bakery, etc.):

In the Food Service Department we strive very hard to have minimal food waste in production. That being said, waste in our department is kept to a minimum by sales, production records, and creative marketing. When we do have food that goes out of date or leftover food from our hot bar area, we make sure it is offered to the staff as cull*.  In addition, if we have an abundance of one product, we will put some of it in the staff break room.  For example, when we had about 24 vegan pumpkin whoopee pies go out of date the other day, we put them in the break room – GONE!!  And we love helping the staff keep a positive attitude!

∼ Dan, Food Services Manager


Staff and Member-Owners are welcome to take culled produce, when available. The Produce Department currently donates edible but “unsaleable” food to: Squash Hunger (Capital Roots) on Mondays and Wednesdays, Redemption Christian Academy on Thursdays, Soul Cafe (Oakwood Community Center) on the second Friday of the month, Ramakrishnananda Food Rescue Program on Saturdays, and Food Not Bombs on Sundays. Inedible produce is taken by Member-Owners and staff for farm animals and the Red Robin Song animal rescue, the remainder goes to compost, which is picked up by the Radix Ecological Sustainability Center.

∼ Brenden, Produce Manager

Meat Department:

We reduce and sell as much product as possible.  Culled products are given out to staff or are donated to a couple of places that rescue large cats such as: Red Robin Song Sanctuary and Steve Salton, who rescues tigers and other large cats.  We have also donated to the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York. Due to the nature of our products, we do not give out everything we cull to avoid the possibility of sickness; this is especially true for poultry products.

∼ Nick, Meat Department Manager

*Here’s a sentence from Merriam-Webster that explains the meaning of the word ‘cull’: “The unbruised apples will be packed in bags, and the culls will be used for cider.”

Please send us any questions you may have about the store or about Honest Weight in general. We’d love to answer them here for you!

Bob Jacobs joined the Co-op Voice in September as an Editor. He has been a Shopper's Helper at Honest Weight for about two years. Bob has been a teacher, editor, landscaper, advocate at a homeless shelter, coffee and papaya farmer, beekeeper, and an appraiser for the state. He loves the people and energy of the Co-op and looks forward to his new role.